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List of Blogs related to Lost Souls. Add your own!


Mistre's LS Blog

Mistre's blog consists of pages of Mistre's archer character, Circeo Carver, diary.(In-character blog of Circeo Carver).

Circeo Carver's LS Blog

Gavadel's OOC Blog

Gavadel discusses the trials and tribulations of playing a Knight-Ranger, trying to hold his War Band together and thoughts on the game.
Gavadel's OOC Blog

Esmene's LS Blog

Esmene's Blog to do with Lost Souls
Esmene's LS Blog

Coma's Blog

Coma's Blog for LS.
Coma's Blog

Arc's IC Blog

An in-character story blog for Arc.
Arc's Blog

Martigan's IC Blog

In-character story blog for Martigan.
Mad Martigan]

Elronuan's Blog

Elronuan's Lost Souls blog.
Elronuan's Blog

Chedraran's Blog

Chedraran's blog, Friggin' Bill!
Friggin' Bill!

Nemesys's Blog

Random mumblings from the dark mind of Nemesys
Nemesys's Blog

Flux's Lost Souls Blog

Flux's Blog

Zygefgh's Gurglings

The Mad Insights of a Wandering Shoggothim
Zygefgh's Blog

A Series of Deliriant Delusions

Crazy dreck from LS's most closet sittingest fey eyesore. Xaolyn's Blog

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