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Command: login commands [ set <commands> | clear | show ]

This command is used to set commands to be executed when you login.

'clear'          clear your list of commands.
'show'           show the current list of commands.
'set <commands>' set <commands> to be executed on login, 
                where <commands> is a list separated by 
                semi-colons ';'.


 login commands set wear all;wield sword;wield sword 2
 login commands clear
 login commands show

Clear Incarnation Commands

Usage: clear incarnation commands

Clears any incarnation commands you have specified.

See Also: set incarnation commands, show incarnation commands

Set Incarnation Commands

Usage: set incarnation commands to <commands>

Specifies commands to be executed each time you incarnate. Up to ten commands can be specified by separating them with semicolons (the ; character).

See Also: show incarnation commands, clear incarnation commands

Show Incarnation Commands

Usage: show incarnation commands

Shows the commands you will execute each time you incarnate, if any have been set.

See Also: set incarnation commands, clear incarnation commands

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