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You are the Lord Questor of Axa, second only to Axa's Grand Justicar in the amount of righteous power that has been gifted to you through the seal of office. Realizing the trust and authority placed in you by the Lawgiver, Eris, goddess of discord, seeks to bring about your destruction. At her disposal are the myriad of chaotic warriors and magi throughout the realm. Such is the nature of your enemies. Should you fall to one, Eris will heap upon them great favours, a motivation worthy of death. Do not despair, for Axa has not abandoned you, for he has bestowed wonderous powers upon you, his most faithful questor. But, Axa leaves you with this one warning, should you be willing to sacrifice yourself to the forces of chaos to reap some of the favour of Eris, you will be destroyed by the Lawgiver.

Know also that Axa requires the Lord Questor to be ever ready to face the chaotic minions of discord in battle. As such the respite of protective sanctuaries is denied her mighty champion.

Axa the Lawgiver has bestowed upon you many wondrous abilities through the seal of office you now possess. He has armed you with a powerful aura of protection, which has been witnessed to repel attacks against the Lord Questor back upon the aggressor. Also, the Lawgiver has granted your body heightened resistances to attacks likely to be employed against you in battle versus the minions of Eris. Perhaps the single most powerful weapon at your disposal is the ability to lay hands upon mortals of the land. Once done, Axa makes the final decision concerning the beings morals, either greatly healing the individual or punishing them for their crimes.

Lay on the hands: Usage - lay hands on <target>

Nyladon Notes: if you go beyond scrupulous in the order/chaos alignment range, the seal will start doing insane damage to you and anything you're wearing. I have over 700 chest hp, and it brought me really low in about 6 hits before I managed to fix my alignment. As far as I understand, the selection is based on how much judgement you have delivered. The "aura" blocks some attacks, and occasionally attacks against things you're aggroed against with damage types like slashing, piercing, and bludgeon.

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