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Playable Races (Lux option race creation options)

  1. Race based on Sentient Golem-like creations. Justification-Humans (and I imagine other races) are inquisitive by nature, and in a world with magick, gods, Elder Gods, and magickal interactions of all kinds, seems reasonable somone would attempt to grant sentience to such a creation, or at least by accident.
  2. a frog like demon that hops, has a prehensile sticky tongue like a chameleon, and poison spit attack

Race Unlocks

  1. Rather than just unlocking 1 character 1 time, when you buy a race unlock it should give your account 1 slot for that race, so if you delete your character, you can remake it. Really the lux cost for buying a race is too high without doing it like this.

Wild Talents


Extra limbs (may require chaos favour to explain a source?)

  1. A prehensile sticky tongue like a chameleon that can manipulate and pick-up things. Garbled speech while holding stuff with your tongue.
  2. Bat like wings


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