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 ____    [ = Lyrzek = ]
/  | \     [ Type                    : ] attack
 (-\       [ Description             : ] ice burst
   /\      [ Significance            : ] high
  o  \     [ Activity Cost           : ] thirty
      |    [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] thirty
\____/     [ Control Skills          : ] five parts cryomancy, five parts
             power generation, four parts power direction, three parts power focusing, two parts telesmatic weapon, one part physics and one
             part power tuning
           [ Specialty Access        : ] cryomancy degree I access and
             telesmatic weapon degree I access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have a total of rune lore skill,
             telesmatic weapon skill and cryomancy skill of 300 or higher
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] has completed Scale Mount Doom; and
             have a total of cryomancy skill, water affinity skill and plus 10
             if has completed the Power Potion Quest of 250 or higher
           [ Possessed               : ] no

The power of the rune the rune lyrzek enables the bearer of the Ring of Power upon which it is inscribed to summon forth a solid sphere of ice. While such a large construct would normally be too large and heavy to strike with effectively, the Ringwielder may then will it to shatter, sending forth sharp, dangerously fast shards of freezing cold. This, of course, is not a tremendously accurate attack, although if the bearer is sufficiently skilled, damage to friendly targets can be minimized or, indeed, entirely avoided.

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