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This is the page where Ralnos adds doodads and tips on things he's learned about MUSHClient.

  • It'd be appreciated if comments were left in the discussion pages and edits by others are withheld unless requested.


General Helpful Bits

Random tidbits about MUSHClient features.

Keypad For Speed

 A great feature about MUSHClient is you can use the game drop down to go into configure then keypad
 and edit the commands your keypad inputs when numlock is on.
 I mainly use it with the default settings but with 5 set to "show exits".
 Invaluable for swift Exoma navigation.

Trigger Group Toggling Aliases

 So you can toggle any trigger group you've designated to turn on or off
 using aliases. All you do is set it to send to script, input the command
 you want to use and then to turn it off, you use the obvious below. To
 turn it back on, you use the other obvious example below.


  • Power aliases, will be fleshed out more later.
  • To use any power alias, you must make a new alias, set its usage command and set it to send to script, then paste the entirety of the pastebin linked into the empty send: box.

The 'gatherjobs'

Pastebinned alias here.

  • Allows you to gather all arbitrage jobs from Losthaven's Square and then directs you just outside of the city.
  • Starts at Losthaven Square and has no prevention code to stop you from using it elsewhere.
  • Be careful because it can't be stopped once started, it must go through all of its commands. Seriously, just start at the square.


Must import in MUSHClient through file > import > file > triggerfilename.mct

Aedarene Prayer Completer

Ritual of Prayer to Aeda auto-complete.

  • Because fuck having to write this ever again.
  • It should fill all subvocalizations necessary for you and fast.
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