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Consult the table below for how valuable and rare armour of a given class should be. The examples given are for reasonable-quality human-made armour of ordinary-grade materials (until such is no longer applicable). Enchantment or superior craftsmanship and materials will give better ACs along with higher value.

Remember that value is generally HALF of cost. Armour should cost twice the amount listed to buy if not more. The values given are those recommended for full suits, hauberks (chest, arms, and legs), helms, and gloves. Breastplates should cost as much as helms and boots as much as gloves; estimate other types from there.

Also consider any special bonuses associated with the armour in the calculation of value, like immunities granted and other special powers.

NOTE: If you change your armour value by more than +-50% you must include a comment explaining why you have changed the value so much.

Class   Suit  Hauberk  Helm  Glove      Comments

 1       25       15     5      3      Very low-grade, cheap armour, usually
                                       of cloth or soft leather.
 2       50       30    10      6      Hardened leather armour.
 3      100       60    20     12      Studded leather or hide armour.
 4      150       90    30     18      Low-grade leather/metal composite
                                       armour, like ringmail.
 5      200      120    60     36      Medium-grade composite armour,
                                       like scalemail or brigandine.
 6      250      150    75     45      Low-grade metal armour such as
                                       chainmail or medium-high grade
 7      350      210   105     63      High-grade composite armour such as
                                       banded or splint mail and mid-grade
                                       metallics like platemail (a chain/
                                       plate composite).  The limit of many
                                       smiths' abilities.
 8      500      300   150     90      High-grade metallics like field plate
                                       armour (difficult and time-consuming
                                       to create or acquire, but available
                                       from some smiths).
 9      750      450   225    135      Very-high-grade metallics such as full
                                       plate armour (only produced by master
                                       smiths and then very time-consuming).
                                       Generally the limit of human ability.
10     1000      600   300    180      Enchanted metallics or those produced
                                       by dwarven mastersmiths using mithril
                                       or adamantium alloys (and then usually
                                       the limit of their abilities).  Rare.
11     1500      900   450    270      Enchanted metallics produced using
                                       mithril or adamantium alloys, or
                                       master-crafted pure adamantium.
                                       Sometimes may have penalties to use.
                                       Quite difficult to find.
12     2000     1200   600    360      Heavily enchanted armour, difficult to
                                       find and often with drawbacks to use.
                                       May be unique.
13     2500     1500   750    450      Very heavily enchanted armour, very
                                       rare and often with penalties to use.                                                               Often is unique,                               
                                       and must be approved by an elder wizard before being added.
14     3500     2100  1050    630      Extremely heavily enchanted armour,
                                       very difficult to find and almost
                                       always unique.  Quite often has drawbacks to use, must be approved.
15     5000     3000  1500    900      Artifact-grade armour, always unique
                                       and usually with drawbacks or pre-
                                       requirements to use.  Must be approved by an elder.
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