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armour.masses - mass for various armour types

Armour mass should be calculated based on the armour's encumbrance: Multiply the armour's encumbrance value by the size value to attain the mass.

Armour size multipliers:

       Hauberk/Armour		x7
       Full Suit		x10
       Bodysuit		x9
       Breastplate		x2
       Helm/Helmet		x1
       Gauntlet		x0.5 (x1 for pair)
       Boot			x0.5 (x1 for pair)
       Bracer			x1   (x2 for pair)
       Legging/Greave 		x1.5 (x3 for pair)
       Shirt			x4
       Byrnie			x5

Armour encumbrance values:

       0			Weightless
       1			Light clothing
       2			Heavy clothing or thin leather
       3			Leather or Padded leather
       4			Studded leather or Light brigandine
       5			Ringmail or Brigandine
       6			Light chainmail/scalemail
       7			Most chainmail/scalemail
       8-10			Partial plate and Platemail
       11-15			Plate armour
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