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The following armour types are valid for set_type() in /obj/armour. Note that using set_type(arg) also adds an ID of 'arg' to the armour.

Areas Covered           Types

Head                    helmet, helm, cap, coif, hat, cowl, glasses
Chest                   breastplate, cuirass, vest
Chest, RArm, LArm,
 RLeg, LLeg             hauberk, armour, armor
Chest, RArm, LArm,
 RHand, LHand, RLeg,
 LLeg, RFoot, LFoot     bodysuit, outfit
Head, Chest, RArm,
 LArm, RHand, LHand,
 RLeg, LLeg, RFoot,
 LFoot                  suit, full suit
Chest, RArm, LArm       shirt, blouse
RLeg, LLeg              kilt, skirt, pants
Chest, RLeg, LLeg       apron, corselet, byrnie
Tail                    tailsheath

The following types may be used either in the plural or singular. For example, a type of "right glove" may be set, or "gloves", or "glove" (in which case right/left will be assigned randomly).

Areas Covered           Types

Hand                    glove, gauntlet
Arm                     brassard, bracer, armguard
Leg                     greave
Leg, Foot               legging
Foot                    boot, shoe

Shields are a special type. They affect the enemy's chance to hit according to their settings and the user's shield skill, rather than absorbing damage.

The last set of types are special armours. These types add their AC to all of the player's limbs, and as such should always have low ACs.

Areas Covered Types

All                     cloak, amulet, robe, ring, belt, aura
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