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Limb descriptors are used by character objects to track the state of the character's various limbs. It is not presently recommended for user code to work with them directly; the various limb-manipulation functions in the character objects should be used instead. This documentation is therefore intended more for core systems developers.

Public Fields

Limb_Index: The number of the limb with respect to the character it is part of.

Limb_Parent: The limb index to which this limb is attached (-1 if none).

Limb_Type: The limbs.h type of the limb.

Limb_Name: The limb's string name.

Limb_Class: The limbs.h class of the limb.

Limb_Size: The size of the limb (arbitrary proportional units).

Limb_Weapon_Class: The weapon class of the limb; a limb that does not attack will have a weapon class of 0.

Limb_Combat_Name: The alternate name to use for the limb when it is being used to attack, if any.

Limb_Damage_Type: The damage type the limb inflicts when attacking, if any; may be a string or an array of strings.

Limb_Armour_Class: The limb's armour class.

Limb_Max_Hits: The limb's maximum hits.

Limb_Hits: The limb's current hits.

Limb_Scars: The number of scars on the limb.

Limb_Held: Any object held in the limb (as a weapon).

Limb_Worn: Any object worn on the limb (as armour).

Limb_Over: Any object worn over the limb (as overarmour).

Limb_Status: Tracks whether the limb is functional, disabled, or amputated, using the enumeration macros Limb_Status_Functional, Limb_Status_Disabled, and Limb_Status_Amputated.

Limb_Flags: The flags associated with the limb. The flags presently used are:

   Limb_Flag_Independent: If this flag is set, the limb's hits are not
   considered part of the character's pool of hits derived from his own
   health.  The character's max hits will not be distributed to this
   limb, and the functions query_max_natural_hit_points() and
   query_natural_hit_points() will ignore this limb.  Prosthetic limbs,
   when these are fully supported, would use this flag.
   Limb_Flag_Treated: Whether first aid has been administered to the limb.

Limb_Info: A field that will be used for arbitrary user-defined data associated with the limb. Not fully implemented at present.

Internal Fields

Limb_Tag: The tag value for the descriptor system.

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