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There is an extensive set of properties, not listed below, which are now mapped to materials. These properties should not be used; the corresponding materials should be used instead. See man materials.

Property            Description

Prop_Acid           Is chemically acidic.
Prop_Aflame         Is on fire.
Prop_Base           Is chemically basic (alkaline).
Prop_Berry          Is a berry.
Prop_Brittle        Will break rather than bend.
Prop_Broken         Has been broken.
Prop_Chaotic        Is chaotic in nature.
Prop_Cloth          Is made of cloth.
Prop_Cold           Is cold.
Prop_Conductive     Conducts electricity well.
Prop_Construct      Is a psychic construct.
Prop_Cooked         Food that is cooked.
Prop_Corroded       Is corroded.
Prop_Corrodible     Can be corroded.
Prop_Corrosive      Will corrode other items.
Prop_Crystal        Is made of a crystalline material.
Prop_Decaying       Is in the process of decay.
Prop_Energy         Is made of energy.
Prop_Enhanced       Is enhanced in some way.      
Prop_Explosive      Will explode near flames.
Prop_Ferrous        Contains iron, is affected by magnetism.
Prop_Flammable      Can burn.
Prop_Flexible       Bends easily.
Prop_Flower         Is a flower.
Prop_Fragile        Is easily broken.
Prop_Fruit          Is a fruit.
Prop_Fungus         Is a fungus.
Prop_Gas            Is made of gas.
Prop_Gemstone       Is a precious gem.
Prop_Grain          Is a type of grain, as in wheat or maize.
Prop_Heliocaustic   Is damaged by sunlight.
Prop_Herb           Is an herb.
Prop_Holy           Is holy or blessed.
Prop_Hot            Is hot.
Prop_Hyperreactive  Reacts violently with common compounds like air or water.
Prop_Insulating     Is resistant to electricity.
Prop_Liquid         Is made of liquid.
Prop_Liquor         Is an alcoholic beverage.
Prop_Magical        Is enchanted.
Prop_Magnetic       Is magnetic.
Prop_Malleable      Can be shaped and molded.
Prop_Manifestation  Is a magical construct.
Prop_Meltable       Will melt due to heat.
Prop_Metal          Is metal.
Prop_Mineral        Is made of mineral material.
Prop_Nut            Is made of nutmeat, as in acorns, almonds, or walnuts.
Prop_Opaque         Is opaque (will be true unless  Prop_Transparent or
                        Prop_Translucent are true)
Prop_Orderly        Is ordered in nature.
Prop_Ore            Is an ore.
Prop_Organic        Is made of organic material.
Prop_Particulate    Is in a powdered form.
Prop_Plant          Is plant matter.
Prop_Polymer        Is made of a polymer.
Prop_Precious       Is a precious metal or gemstone.
Prop_Psychic        Is psionically active.
Prop_Radioactive    Is radioactive.
Prop_Reflective     Is reflective.
Prop_Runed          Is etched with runes.
Prop_Sacrosanct     Is sacred to a deity.
Prop_Seed           Is a type of plant seed not considered a nut.
Prop_Semiprecious   Is a semiprecious metal or gemstone.
Prop_Slippery       Is slick.
Prop_Soft           Is soft to the touch.
Prop_Soluble        Can be dissolved in liquid.
Prop_Spice          Is a spice.
Prop_Sticky         Is sticky.
Prop_Stone          Is made of stone.
Prop_Sturdy         Is difficult to break.
Prop_Translucent    Partially blocks light.
Prop_Transparent    Does not block light.
Prop_Unholy         Is unholy.
Prop_Vegetable      Is a vegetable (in the nutritional sense).
Prop_Viscous        Thick in consistency.
Prop_Wet            Is coated in liquid.
Prop_Wood           Is wood.
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