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Shrieking Siren

Entry Level:    1 Level Down:  2 Levels Down:
      1             x           x
    /   \           |           |
   x~~2~~x<5      x-2-x         2
   |     |          |           |
*<-x-----x        x-x-x         x
   |     |          |           |
 5>x~~3~~x        x-x-x         x
    \   /           |           |
      4           x-3-x         3
                    |           |
                    x           x


—,X,|,\,/: Walkable path
^>v<: Arrows down
~: Inwards
x: Room with nothing special about it
*: Entrance from larger map
+: 'Guarded' doors
1: Bow
2: Bow Ladder
3: Stern Ladder
4: Stern
5: Crow's Nests
6: Highslop's Throne Room
7: Highfulp's Throne Room

Located in Losthaven

Currently 97% Explored

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


  • Area alignment: Good / Chaos
  • Guards assist: Yes

Bupu on the bow started a game of tag by tagging me; runtlings sang a song about great leaders' rooms at the ends of halls and an angry, mad ghost. Starboard is right, port is left.

  • Per Change 7521: The game of tag has been updated in such a way where players can elect to not participate in the game by going to Bupu and saying "I no longer wish to play tag". Take note that this cannot be undone and is on a per-character basis.

End of spoiler information.

See also: Local Map Template

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