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Nedylene's dark revelry

You see a glowing-red-eyed neuter nyloc servitor. You see a glowing-violet-eyed neuter nyloc servitor. You see Nedylene the masseuse.

Large curtains of billowing black silk hang everywhere in this cozy little building. Pillows are tossed artistically into every corner. This is the home and shop of Nedylene, the drow masseuse. Thick smoke wafts across the room from several incense burners and a sharp acrid scent of something sweet and vaguely obscene hangs in the air. There is a small sign with thick calligraphic writing sitting neatly on a small table near the entrance. The area is permeated by an intense, vibrant auroric radiance. The area is filled with a thick, murky, unnatural darkness.

The writing is in Zadjalin, and reads:
Service                  Cost   Description
Ust                      50     A light rub
Drada                    200    A vigorous rubdown
Z'ress                   450    A deep massage with special oils
Alurl                    800    A penetrating massage
Yltrin                   1250   An all night session with extras
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