Melange Addiction

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Stages of Addiction

  • The taste of melange still fresh on your tongue, you feel its effects throughout you, strengthening your senses and rejuvenating your body. "You feel a subtle current pass through you, like a slow building of impetus toward an unknown goal, and you have the feeling of being more aware of, connected to, yourself and the cosmos around you."
  • You feel that you are beginning to hunger for melange. "You begin to feel minor twinges of pain throughout your body due to the time it has been since you have partaken of melange."
  • You notice twinges of pain throughout your body as it begins to suffer from melange withdrawal.
  • You feel strong twinges of pain punctuated by more intense moments as your melange-deprived body suffers from withdrawal. "The twinges of pain through your melange-deprived body begin to be punctuated by more severe sensations."
  • Your body trembles and quivers in desperation for much-needed melange. "Your body is increasingly shot through with severe pains from the lack of melange within it."
  • Your body is wracked with pain as every cell in your body cries out in torment for melange. "The pain coursing through your body intensifies to wracking proportions, as if every nerve and muscle were crying out for melange."
The wracking pains throughout your body finally overcome you; your body, no
longer able to function without melange, collapses entirely.
You die.

Interaction with psionic races

Psionic races will get a 100% chance of a permanent talent pop, but may or may not become addicted anyway.

[OOC Agun] 100% chance you'll get one with melange as a psi-race, I forget if you get addicted or not.
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