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Command: Memorize

   General-Use Command
   Usage: memorize <topic>|all
   Aliases: memorise

Allows you to commit to memory the characteristics of an item, location, person, or other knowledge topic with which you are familiar; i.e., a type of magickal item which you have identified, a person to whom you have been introduced, and so on.

You can be familiar with any number of things, but these will be forgotten when you disincarnate. You can only memorize a certain number of topics, but these will be remembered forever unless you deliberately forget them.

You can use 'memorize all' to attempt to memorize all knowledge topics you are familiar with.

Development Information: The memorize command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Tue Jan 22 16:21:27 2008.

See Also: forget, go, show familiar topics, show memorized topics, show memorization limit

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