Mindspeaker (Wild Talent)

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  • Primary use: Projective communication (speech without a mouth, to arbitrary groups, and at a distance)
  • Combat talent: No
  • Reveals by:
    • Speaking to beings



This is an advanced telepathic talent, so both the basic and advanced telepathic commands are available in addition to those listed below.

Local Broadcast

  • Command: concentrate on sending the words <message>
  • Effect: Convey a message to beings with minds in the same room
  • Facility:

Construct Channel

  • Commands: (in sequence)
    • concentrate on (sending|transmitting) my thoughts
    • subvocalize <key>
  • Requirement: Have the target as your active telepathic contact
  • Effect: Register the the current contact as part of the mindspeech channel identified by the key
  • Facility:
  • Notes:
    • Multiple beings may be registered with the same key, and multiple keys may be registered for a being
    • Followers will not obey commands sent on channels registered using stealthy contacts

Close All Channels on Contact

  • Command: concentrate on ceasing to send my thoughts
  • Requirements:
    • Have the target as your active telepathic contact
    • Have previously used Construct Channel on this contact
  • Notes:
    • This is has a bug as of January 2021, resulting in it doing nothing (it thinks that you are not performing mindspeaking on the channel). Use Close Contact (and optionally recreating the contact) instead until the problem is fixed.

Send Message on Channel

  • Command: subvocalize <key> <message>
  • Requirement: Have previously used Construct Channel to set up a channel using this key
  • Effect: Send the message to every being registered with the key

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a mindspeaker.


You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a mindspeaker.

Speaking to Beings

You feel a strange stirring in your mind, and even as you are about to speak to
the olive-skinned female human, you simultaneously, as if by instinct, somehow
transmit the words directly to her with your mind.

Help File

  Mindspeakers have the power to convey their thoughts directly into the minds
of others, without recourse to haphazard spoken language.  This entails the
use of a variety of telepathic faculties; see 'help basic telepathy' and 'help
advanced telepathy' for information.  In order to perform mindspeaking, you
must have a telepathic contact established as described in 'help advanced
  Your mindspeaking ability is determined by your intelligence, willpower,
ego, and telepathy skill.  In general, the same factors which affect the
difficulty of establishing telepathic contacts also affect the difficulty of
  The primary form mindspeaking takes is communication with an individual
across a telepathic contact.   To do this, first the relevant contact must be
your active contact as described in 'help basic telepathy'.  With an active
contact selected, concentrate on sending or transmitting your thoughts; this
opens a channel through which you may mindspeak.  The first thing you
subvocalize following the opening of a channel becomes a "key" which you then
use to designate messages which you wish to mindspeak through that channel.
For instance, if you subvocalize "send" after opening the mindspeaking channel,
then subvocalize "send hello", the person on the other side of the contact
will receive the message "hello".  To cease mindspeaking on your active
contact, concentrate on ceasing to send your thoughts.  Once you have begun
mindspeaking over a contact, you will continue to do so any time you use your
subvocalization key, even while that contact is no longer your active contact;
in this way you can maintain several open mindspeaking channels at once.
  You may also use a simple, short-ranged broadcast version of mindspeech.
This does not require the use of telepathic contacts, although it will be much
more reliable if contacts are present; only those nearby you will be able to
receive the message sent.  To do this, concentrate on sending or transmitting
the words you wish; for example, to project the message "hello everyone",
concentrate on sending the words hello everyone.
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