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Mirrors of jealousy are very useful for finding lost belongings.

This is a silver mirror.  The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent.  You recognize it as a Mirror of Jealousy, enchanted to draw upon the feelings of jealousy its viewer may have about things or people which he feels properly belong to him and which are presently missing, seeking out their present location and delivering it to him in a vision.  Aside from the requisite jealousy, this process relies on drawing a good deal of spiritual energy from the viewer, and will not function if his spiritual reserves are inadequate.  You estimate its value at about two thousand four hundred gold.  
   It looks about a twentieth of a dimin long, seven tenths of a dimin wide, and one and a tenth dimins tall.

Looking into a mirror will give visions of kept items that are not currently in your posession.

You have a sudden vision of your panoramicon in an ocean floor.
an ocean floor [compass, compass:up, u]
You see a couple of clear glass lenses of insight, a panoramicon, a yew compound greatbow, an enormous tan lead chaos amulet, a silver mirror of jealousy, a quartz sphere, a paraquerlos, and a stupendous mountain of gold coins.
From what you can make out, it is around the coordinates -16, -12, -4 in the Northwest Atalantic Ocean, and so near global coordinates 228, 68, -4.
You feel spiritually exhausted by the vision.
  • These can be purchased from the Temple of Illuvitar in Liathyr:
go 15w, 7sw, 13w, 4wu, 3w, 2wd, ed, 2e, 5s, 13e, 5n, 5w, n, w
go e, s, 5e, 5s, 11w, 5n, 5w, wu, 2eu, 3e, 4ed, 13e, 7ne, 16e

The effects of peering into a mirror are similar to that of Scrying your item. That's probably not a coincidence.

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