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Location: Wandering atop Storm Rock

Occupation: Eldest Storm Walker


    This is a female zuth with white-streaked blue scales and white-streaked
blue eyes.  This is Mor'guth, the most ancient of all the zuth Storm Walkers.
She is honoured and respected by her kind.  Her scaled hide shows the marks of
battle, and has lost its luster with age.  Her eyes seem  full of anger and
disdain.  Her torso is marked by several scars.  Her right foreleg and right
hindleg are each marked by a pair of scars.  Her left forefoot and left
hindfoot are each marked by a scar.  She is giving off light.
    She looks about thirty-three dimins tall, thirteen dimins wide, and
forty-one and a half dimins long.
    She is in good shape.
    She wields a glowing mithril greataxe in her left claw and a glowing
mithril greataxe in her right claw.  She wears an enormous mithril helm on her
head, an enormous mithril heavy mail shirt on her upper body, and the Black
Belt of Krakanroc around her waist.


    To become one a Storm Walker, say that you wish to become a Storm Walker.
If you are a Storm Walker and wish to forsake your status, say that you wish
to leave the Storm Walkers.  Her limbs are named head, upper fore chest, right
arm, left arm, right claw, left claw, right foreleg, left foreleg, right
forefoot, left forefoot, torso, right hindleg, left hindleg, right hindfoot,
left hindfoot, and tail.  Mor'guth is an instructor and responds to the
following verbal commands:
    Availability inquiry: Mor'guth, what abilities can you enhance?
                          Mor'guth, what skills do you train?
    Cost inquiry:         Mor'guth, what would it cost to enhance my
                          Mor'guth, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
    Instruction request:  Mor'guth, enhance my <subject(s)>.
                          Mor'guth, train me in <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
 combat reflexes
 killer instinct
 massive blow
 massive exertion 
  • Enhances
 earth resistance
 lightning affinity
 void resistance 


  • Will probably attack you.
  • Speaks Xhax
  • Trains everyone.
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