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 __Z     [ = Mordekres = ]
/ /|       [ Type                    : ] attack
S \|       [ Description             : ] death field
\_/|\      [ Significance            : ] great
  \|/      [ Activity Cost           : ] forty
   |\_%    [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] one hundred sixty
   V       [ Control Skills          : ] five parts thanaturgy, five parts power generation,
                                         three parts power direction, three parts telesmatic weapon,
                                         two parts power tuning
                                     and one part power focusing
           [ Specialty Access        : ] thanaturgy and telesmatic weapon degree I access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 150 points among
                                         100% of rune lore skill,
                                         100% of thanaturgy skill,
                                     and 20% of arcane lore skill
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] thanaturgy skill of 175 or higher

Only those Ringwielders most tainted by darkness can even manage to bring the power of the rune mordekres to bear, but when they do, the results are horrific. Necromantic energies are brought forth from the Ring of Power, spreading outward in an unstoppable tide of evil and death. Those unfortunate enough to be caught within the rune's reach -- who may include a number of enemies and potentially some allies as well -- have their strength drawn from them in a matter of seconds, their bodies being left in a state of weak helplessness -- often to fall shortly thereafter to the Ringwielder whose ire they raised.

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