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  • Type: Runesword
  • Location: Random Load
  • Materials: ninety-three percent lzarawn, five percent logos, and two percent leather
  • Damage Types: entropic, unholy, cutting
  • Restrictions: Attempts to force an attack of any NPC nearby. Can be resisted.
  • Size: Twenty-two and a half dimins long, half a dimin wide
  • Extras: Increases strength when wielded. Draws power from attacking enemies and increases strength further.
  • Description:
 A long, massive, ornate ebony blade of the otherworldly material lzarawn, borne of unholy
 sorcery.  Hundreds of arcane symbols run its length, varying in size from more than half a
 dimin across to barely the size of the iris of a human eye.  The pommel is of the same ebony
 material, but bound in leather, contrasting with the blade.  The arcane symbols themselves
 are carved deeply into the material of the blade, and glow a faint crimson.  Just above the
 pommel is a triangular guard, golden in color.  You recognize it as a lzrelekos, one of a
 class of potent magickal weapons.  The lzrelekoi are believed to be, one and all, demonic
 creatures bound into the shape of swords, their foul powers turned to the purpose of draining
 their victims' life-essence and transforming it into unholy strength for their wielders.
 The blood-thirst of the demon blades is also noted; the evil intelligences within them are
 said to often force their would-be masters to slay friends and innocents.  This is Mournblade,
 a blade of power whose legend is often told as part of that of its sister-sword Stormbringer,
 though it is a potent evil in its own right.  Like Stormbringer, it is known for the demonic
 strength granted its bearer and for the trail of blood and tears that follows that ill-starred
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