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   The Nebulex Race
   Rarity: Special
   Plural: Nebulexes
   Anatomy: Six-Tentacled Amorphous
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Demolition   44%
       Aquaturgy    22%
       Arcane Lore  22%
       Legend Lore  11%
   No specific help is available for this race.
   Development Information: The nebulex race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Dec 24 23:49:01 2014.

Zygefgh says: For now, these little critters can only be summoned by Factor (Aligned Form).

     This is an emerald mist blob, translucent but mostly solid, that floats motionlessly in the air.  Its movements are abrupt and artificial-
seeming. You recognize it as a nebulex, a living construct formed entirely of mist and spiritual energy.   Although highly fragile, such constructs
are capable of following complex commands and can be surprisingly effective when used creatively.  You recognize this particular tentacled emerald
nebulex as an actualized servant, an eideturgical suspension of nebulex form within a telesmatic field.  It can be given simple commands in the
primary language of its summoner, which it will obey to the best of its ability -- however, it cannot use tools or perform actions requiring
abstraction or independent thought.  It is also capable of performing a small set of specialized commands: it can 'grow' or 'shrink' to a
smaller or larger size, 'queue' a command for chained execution, 'execute queued commands' to perform queued commands in sequence, or 'purge queued
commands' to empty its command queue.  It is presently capable of queueing a maximum of fifteen commands.  It has a few thin wisps of sparkling
light and a webwork of billowing whiteness within and around it.
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