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What can we put here?

Old dusty news from ages ago:

As of October 2004, the entire lib has changed significantly. If you are mainly familiar with Lost Souls as it was before that point, you will need to refamiliarize yourself with the system more or less as if you were new.

More recent items:

The former depiction mode and contents mode settings have been replaced with a system that allows you to tune various options for controlling how descriptions are presented to you. Please see 'help set depiction', 'help switch depiction', and 'help show depictions'. Many people will want to use an alias for 'switch depiction detailed rooms', which handles the function formerly addressed by the 'short' depiction mode.

Instructors now accept requests for training in more than one skill in a given request, as well as 'all' or 'everything'.

Code has been created that allows towns to be set up so that any NPC in the town can give directions to important local places. This has been set up in Losthaven and Sanctuary so far.

Your degree of success in attacking now adds into your damage rating, so that how skilled a fashion you attack in and how well the target defended matter. Combat messages have been adjusted to give you an idea of what's going on More: (50%) [return to continue] with this. Your base damage ratings will also be lower, as some factors have been removed from those calculations because they're redundant with this new effect.

You can now use 'start befriending <person>' to control whether you consider someone a friend. See 'help start befriending'.

There is a new, very useful help file 'help specifying targets' that goes into great detail about the options available to you for specifying the targets of commands, including the new 'and' option.

'help followers' has been created to centralize a good deal of useful information for working with your followers.

Upon death, your ghost now normally appears at a location where you may return to life. The actual place selected depends on your location, what gods you worship, and various other factors. See 'help death'.

Lost Souls no longer uses an experience-loss-upon-death system. This is expected to represent a considerable change to the nature of the game -- one resulting in a significantly more fun experience, it is hoped.

Chaos, May 15th 2008

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