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Area: Camille

Creator: Baal

Location: -8,2

Camille is a small town that used to be along a major trade route. Now that the trade route is gone, the town is not very often visited. It is still a thriving community though, with several opportunities for adventurers. A substantial criminal element has moved into certain areas of the town, which gives players a chance to do a little law enforcement.

Highlights: Takeout booze at inn bar;Cathedral;Healer,Post Office;Weapon Shop;Blacksmith shop;Adventurer's society;Magic shop;Emporium;

Things to do: Kill weaponsmiths for flamberge and glowing platemail;deck of many things;break up crime racket;ransack temple

Levels: Mostly for mid level players.

Area: Northern Keep

Creator: Bectile

Location:Northern lands

Northern Keep is the castle of Queen Bectile. It is a small castle that is sparsely inhabited. It is in the midst of the northern lands which are barren icy wastes. The major purpose of Northern Keep is the White mage guild. Other than that, there is not a great deal to do at the castle. The castle does hold the white primrose for the level 20 quest, and the surrouding northern lands have items and quest areas for both the level 30 and level 25 unicorn quest.

Highlights: White mage guild;Bar

Things to do: Join white mages guild.

Area: Hotel California

Creator: Bectile

Location: Limbo

Hotel California can only be reached from limbo. It is a tribute to the Eagles song hotel california. Not a whole lot there, but a fun diversion.

Things to do: Stab it with your steely knife but you just can't kill the beast.

Levels: Mid level players

Area: Kolond

Creator: Blade Location: 10,40 or buy map from Dwarf peddler

Kolond is the city of the thondur. It is hidden beyond Nightmare's saddle. Entry to the area is by saying "friend" at the gate. Inside is a thriving community of Dwarves doing their day to day life underground. The town has a great deal of commerce available. Players cany buy many items which improve their ability to fight. In addition, they may buy specialty items and mules to carry their gear. The town is also the home of the Berserker guild. Nearby to the city is the goblin caves where players of lower level can take out their frustrations on goblinoid creatures.

Highlights: Alchemist;Armourer;Inn with rooms for rent;jeweler; provisioner;stable;bath house;store;berserker guild

Things to do: Become a berserker;explore goblin caves;fight town militia.

Levels: Mid to High level players

Area: Cloud City

Creator: Crylos

Location: Mobile

Cloud city is a city in the clouds. It is accessible by either a cloudy staircase, or a wall of fog. There is not much to do there in the way of commerce, but it does have its reasons for visiting. This city houses part of the level 25 unicorn quest. In addition, Storm fury, the much coveted sword is found here after solving a puzzle.

Highlights: Home of storm fury;Tavern;Shop;

Things to do: Get the coveted sword storm fury.

Levels: High level players

Area: Shadow Tower

Creator: Dodger


Shadow tower is a tower set on a volcano, where the great monsters of both good and evil are imprisoned. The guards are neutral, and they watch over the prisoners. This is an area where players can gain equipment and cash, and also a fairly good deal of experience. The monsters run the full range of alignments, so it is popular with all guilds. In addition, two weapons requiring extremes in alignment are found here, Heavensfire and the Black Scourge.

Highlights: Healer;Trainer;Bar;Shop;Church

Things to do: Kill solar for heavensfire;Kill balrog for black scourge;

Levels: All levels can find something to do here

Area: Oasis

Creator: Feyd

Location: 0,-3

Located in the middle of the desert, is an entrance to an oasis. There really isn't much in there though. For an area that you have to bypass the sand worm to get to, I didn't find much here of interest.

Area: Mei Qua

Creator: Jorian

Location: 22,-40

High atop a moutain is an oriental city of martial arts. There in the isolated city of Mei Qua, many martial tournaments are held for players of all level, including the famed Kumite. This area provides a challenge for players of all types and levels.

Highlights: Kumite;Pub;Church;Sauna;Shop;Tournaments for all levels.

Things to do: Battle your way to the Kumite and be greatest fighter in the world.

Levels: All levels can find a challenge.

Area: Dragon King Area

Creator: Longshot Location: In water north of Devnoshire

This is the area inhabited by the Dragon King and his court. Not a whole bunch to do in here. A few powerful monsters is about it. This area is the site of a future quest, so is rather bland until the quest is installed.

Highlights: None really

Things to do: Kill Dragon king and his guards.

Levels: High

Area: Chinatown

Creator: Longshot

Location: Accessible from Dragon King area

This is a typical "chinatown" like you would find in a large city. There are several shops and specialty stores, but nothing of extreme significance. The area is attached to the dragon king area and will also eventually contain a quest.

Highlights: Inn;Shop;Gift Shop;Tavern

Things to do: Send candy to your favorite sweetheart

Levels: Mid level

Area: Silver Keep

Creator: Mysterx

Location: Northern Land

Not much to do in this keep.

Hightlights: Shop


Area: Aztec Village

Creator: Sunsinger

Location: 10,39

This is the village of the aztecs. There are many aztec people which inhabit this area. Of great interest is the shrine of the sungod which is located in a great pyramid. Sunsinger created the area trying to maintain some sense of historical accuracy when he coded it. Players can get some sense of what that civillization did and how they lived from this area. The big attraction is for the heros, as they kill the sungod himself for about 300k exp.

Hightlights: Temple

Things to do: Kill Sungod

Levels: Runs from low to mid level in the village, to hero level for the sungod

Area: Eastern Keep

Creator: Sionell

Location: 8,-17

This is a rather small castle in the southeastern mountains. There is not much in the way of adventure, but a few dragons, and some farm animals. The ring of constitution is also found here in a secret room on the second floor.

Highlights: Black Dragon

Things to do: Kill dragon;slaughter farm animals

Levels: Mid to high

Area: Farm

Creator: Sionell

Location: -12,8

The farm is a little area for players to putt around in. Not a great deal of things to do, but an interesting diversion.

Highlights: Kill the chickens

Things to do: see highlights

Levels: Low

Area: Underground Lake

Creator: Sionell

Location: Drow caves

This area is not much in itself aside from its usefulness as a connecting area for many other areas. There are a few monsters that make their home in this area however.


Things to do: Visit nearby Drow and Vlekthid Caves

Levels: Mid to High levels

Area: Kentaur Island

Creator: Trent

Location: Kentaur Isle due east of Losthaven

This island is the home of the kentaur race and several other creatures. The biggest thing on the island is the home of tiamat from the level 25 and 30 quests. She lives in a cave accessed by diving into the lagoon.

Hightlights: Kentaur village;Pub under the sea

Things to do: Visit kentaur village;Kill Poseidon

Levels: Mid to High

Area: Devnoshire

Creator: Infidel

Location: Teleport from Hooded figure in Discordia or boat east of Lost Haven

This small town is full of things for players to do. It is also full of shops. The town is designed to house two quests. These quests are the level 8 "Clue" quest and the level 23 quest. Both quests involve substantial exploring of the area, and take players to all the major attractions. In addition, Chinatown is accessed from the water portion of the level 23 quest.

Highlights: Tavern;equipment shop;temple;Twilight tower;ring shop; Catacombs;Scroll Shop;Weapon Shop;leather shop;Ruins of Boast Keep

Things to do: Explore Catacombs;Explore Fort Boast;Explore Twilight tower

Levels: Mid to High levels

Area: Hobgoblin Caves

Creator: Gara

Location: -15,1

These caves are the home of hobgoblins.


Things to do:


Area: Mansion

Creator: Kantele

Location: 22,8

This mansion is full of things to do. Lots of places to look and many monsters to fight. An item from the level 30 quest must be obtained from deep in the mansion.

Highlights: cellar;hell

Things to do: explore cellar;

Levels: mid to high levels

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