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This form was discovered by Nisrasthraor, an Aligned aethoss of Valathyr, ages ago, when he realizes the potency of elven potioncraft and desired to have it benefit him. Actualizing this form with a potion as a seed allows one to metabolically accomodate it, even when one's normal metabolic functions do not permit the consumption of such things. Nisrasthraor described the process by which this occurred as "rarefied osmosis", whereby the potion is not just physically but spiritually consumed, with the physical act being a vehicle for the absorption of the augmenting magicks within the potion.

The physical act is, however, necessary to the process, and if one cannot consume it for reasons other than a natural metabolic incompatability, then one will still be unable to actually drink the seed, and the form will effectively fail.

There is a base spiritual cost associated with this form, and an additional cost in order energy based on the difficulty of rarefying the essence of the seed. This latter cost is mitigated by increasing one's facility with the form.

Knowledge Requirement

diet trait is one of incendivore, ametabolic, photovore, or sanguivore

Facility Formula

15% of intelligence plus 20% of vitality plus 45% of somatesthesia skill plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 10% of hylophrasty skill plus 5% of enchantment skill plus 5% of plant lore skill

Additional Requirements

attunement level of 150 or higher

Facility Range

68 to 350

Energy Costs

10 spiritual

Process to Actualize

will my body to become permeable to the essence of <target>

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