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Outsider restrictions is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

The powers that are usable by mastery of the pattern image embedded within an Outsider can only be utilized while the Outsider is in the proper balance with the forces of order.

Firstly, the Outsider must be in the proper state of spirit. The Outsider must be attuned towards order in every way possible, as the pattern itself is a thing of pure order. To further this attunement, a person wishing to use the powers must not be drawn too strongly by the forces of good or evil, as to maintain a proper concentration on order.

Secondly, the Outsider must surround hirself with items of magical energy, as objects not containing magical energies interrupt certain flows of reality that the Outsider must utilize to activate hir powers.

Lastly, carrying items of chaotic nature has a similar effect upon an Outsider, save that the energies interrupted by a non-magical presence are reversed by a chaotic one, making the presence of chaotic items doubly dangerous.

The 'phase info' power will grant an Outsider information on the interruption of powers in the form of a quantification of the failure rate caused by the residual presence of chaotic or non-magical items. Note that this failure rate also has an effect on the power level and cost of the Outsider's powers.

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