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Your Inana control to a large extent your effectiveness as a Discordian. With higher Inana (which is plural for Inanity) come more powerful abilities, better effects and lower costs with all your powers, and the satisfaction of seeing nice high numbers in your listings. There are nine Inana; the command 'show inana' lists them, and help is available on each. Different inana are of importance with different powers; it's up to you to figure out which.

The Inana range from 0 to 115 (115 being the holy 5 times the holy 23 [2+3=5]). They increase only with practice. If your Inana seem to mysteriously decrease, see 'help restrictions' for why this might be.

Show Inana

   Usage: show inana
   Displays the current values of your inana.
   See Also: show inana maximum, inana, show channel maximum

Disinformation is the art of communicating to others the unadulterated truth in as pure a form as possible, so as to foster understanding and trust. One skilled in Disinformation is a very trustworthy individual, whose word can always be taken at its face value.

Fnord cannot be explained. Fnord makes no sense. Because sense cannot be made. It must be sensed fnord. Fnord is very important. Really important. You just don't get to know why. Until you do.

The Pineal Gland is the mechanism which Eris provided Mankind with in order to communicate with Her fnord. Glandspeak measures one's ability at Consulting Your Pineal Gland to receive Special Information From Discordia that will allow your abilities to Be Enhanced Magnificently.

Illumination measures the depth of your knowledge of the Way Things Are fnord, the power of your awakened mind fnord, the strength of your True Will fnord fnord. Only the most Illuminated can hope to achieve the much-sought goal of Wizardry.

Nonlinearity is. When appleseed days eat by the Dog Star, cyan Mandelbrot has polarized defenestration. Plumb aplomb bomb threats refute the. Whooaaaaaa... FLAX! Micha-El bobs, Kal-El dobbs, quality brash in femur onomatopoeic.

Paranoia is very important, simply because everything and everyone is out to get you. More importantly, everything and everyone form conspiracies in order to pursue this goal more effectively. Paranoia is your best defense against the vile greyfaces who seek to reduce everything to Simple Order, especially *YOU*.

Sarcasm is by FAR the most valuable of the Inana; why, just by ITSELF it can work *amazing* wonders for you. Once you've gotten good with Sarcasm, why, you can just sit back and relax, 'cuz everything will just fall right into your lap. Really.

Serendipity is the art of finding that which you weren't looking for. It's when you're trying out new recipes for lasagna and find a cure for the common cold, or when you're out pickpocketing and kife the winning ticket in the lottery. Serendipity is very important for Discordians, especially as little they try to accomplish seems to end up how they wanted.

SLACK: Get it while you can. Slack is many things, and perhaps all things to all people, but not quite. Those of Slack are simply liked more by the Universe. Good Things happen to them. Even more importantly, one day the Xists will arrive and those of Slack will destroy at leisure the rampant Pinks who currently immanentize the eschaton.

Note: Sitting around with autoquote in a room with other players will slowly raise your inana, some more than others. it should take roughly 17 hours of sitting outside LH to max all inana via this method, with 0 diminishing returns, which is unlikely. Inana most grown by this: Sarcasm and Paranoia. Inana least grown by this: Fnord and Slack -Zeratul, who hates chaotic stuff and is probably mostly wrong.

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