Pachyderm (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

Some combination of social skills is required, based on the failure message:

You sense a lack of social regard from the female mastodon, as though her considers you
ignorant about what it takes to be a member of a community.

It is difficult to say exactly which skills are required, but this familiar was obtainable fairly easily after joining the Brotherhood of Wine and Song and cycling through various easy-access trainers of social skills.

(One was successfully bonded with Carousing 86, Leadership 65 and Empathy 76)

Known Abilities

Pachyderms are huge, thick-skinned animals native to the Northlands. This category includes elephants, mastodons, mammoths and rhinoceroses. They are physically extremely tough, with vast vitality and significant resistance to physical damage, and are excellent mounts. They breathe air, have an herbivorous diet, and cannot see in the dark.

Combat Bonuses

The pachyderm consort receives a damage bonus based on adding their massive exertion skill, multiplied by some number that appears to be related to bond strength, directly to damage calculation. Your familiar must be present in your environment to grant this effect.

Attribute Modifications

The pachyderm familiar grants its consort a very large bonus to Vitality, a large bonus to Strength, and moderate bonuses to Willpower and Ego.

Specialty Bonuses

Bonus specialty degrees and access are provided as follows:

Tier 1

Tier 2

At the middle of "very frail" bond strength:

Just after "somewhat frail" bond strength:

Tier 3

At around the middle of "fairly healthy" (25%?):

At "very healthy" bond strength, the first tier bonus specialty (Load Bearing) is increased to 2.

Tier 4


Initially the pachyderm grants the following charms:

Shortly after:

At the middle of "very healthy":

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

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