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  • Location: Wandering
  • Occupation: Crazy Gnome
  • Look
This is a male gnome with tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes.  He is a
young, bright-eyed individual, the very picture of enthusiasm.  His head hair
stands out from his head in gravity-defying arcs, and his hands are quick and
nimble.  This is Padekki, an inventor moderately well-known for displaying
considerable talent while being no more erratic than is generally expected
from such ilk.
  • Info
For information about the Amazing Pneumatico-Galvanic Omni-Energetic Resistive
Interference Potentiometric Engine, ask about it.

To request analysis of your resistance to a given type of damage, ask Padekki
to analyze your resistance to that type.
Example: say Padekki, analyze my resistance to magical damage

You can ask Padekki about which analysis types are available.
Example: say Padekki, what types are available?

You can ask Padekki about which items can be sold to him to provide energy sources of a given type.
Example: say Padekki, what items provide energy sources for necromantic damage?

You can ask Padekki about your credit with him.
Example: say Padekki, how much credit do I have?

Ask Padekki to appraise your item to find out what, if anything, he would be
willing to pay you for it.
Example: say Padekki, appraise my wand.

To sell an item to Padekki, give it to him.

When Padekki requests gold as payment for services, you will need to give it
to him; it will not be taken from you automatically..
  • Can analyze these resistance types
  acid resistance           holy resistance           
  air resistance            magick resistance 
  alkali resistance         order resistance       
  chaos resistance          photonic resistance    
  cold resistance           plasma resistance            
  crushing resistance       poison resistance   
  disease resistance        shock resistance       
  earth resistance          slashing resistance    
  electrical resistance     sonic resistance       
  entropic resistance       stabbing resistance      
  eskara resistance         temporal resistance     
  extropic resistance       unholy resistance
  fire resistance           vacuum resistance
  force resistance          viral resistance       
  heat resistance           water resistance
  • Notes
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