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Paraxos Overview

  • General class of armour that will attempt to murder you do not have any Chaos Favour.
  • If you do have Chaos Favour having these armours in your inventory will cause them to change size and form to suit your anatomy. They will attempt to shift into a form capable of covering only limbs which are not already covered by armour.
  • With higher degrees of Chaos Favour, some forms of the armour will even manifest special effects such as growing spikes to injure your attackers, or cleansing your body of poisons and other impurities.
  • Lanmorathic can be poured on Paraxos in order to improve its power. It is unclear this is a result of the chaos infusion, or of some other hidden property. More research needed.


This is a full suit of armour made of cyan syrax.  The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent.  It is of baroque construction,
featuring such design oddities as flaring shoulder-guards, rows of flanges along the extremities, spikes protruding from the helm,
and irregularities in the shape of the armour surface.  It shifts colour throughout the spectrum in a continuous wash of interwoven
hues.  You recognize this as a parageos, the signature armour of the Chaos Knights, the warriors of the Courts of Chaos.
You estimate that it is worth something upward of two thousand gold.
  • Heavy variant of chaos armour.
  • Can take on the following forms: Full Suit, Suit minus head, can accomodate wings and tail (TODO: complete this list)


This is a cieralanse, a form of armour designed for the needs of four-armed anthropoids, covering the entire body where that body has
both upper and lower pairs of arms, made of therozef red hide.  The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent.  It shifts colour
throughout the spectrum in a continuous wash of interwoven hues, and subtle ridges and indentations slowly come and go across its
surface in strange patterns.  You recognizes this as a paralemnos, a type of paraxos -- a class of armour from the Courts of Chaos
that also includes the better-known parageos.  The light, flexible paralemnos is favoured by chaosborn assassins and others with a
need for lighter and quieter armour.  It is permeated by a dim, pulsing chaotic glow.  You estimate its value at about three thousand
six hundred gold.
  • Medium variant of chaos armour.
  • More flexible than Parageos, can take on additional, more specific forms such as gloves, pants, shirts, boots.


This is a diaphany made of osmyr.  The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent.
This is a paraquerlos, a type of paraxos -- a class of armour from the Courts of 
Chaos that also includes the better-known parageos.  The gossamer paraquerlos is 
often used by Chaos Lords and the Protean shapeshifters, as it provides total 
freedom of movement and draws only lightly upon the wearer's spiritual energy. The
transparent material of the paraquerloro, osmyr, is derived by Chaos Lord power
from certain natural phenomena of the Courts of Chaos, and is infused with energies
of primal chaos which create the interplay of shifting colours washing across its 
surface, as well as encoded with a dim elemental intelligence which acts to maintain
the suit, defend its wearer in battle, and ensure that only those favoured by chaos
enjoy its protection.
  • Light variant of chaos armour.
  • Takes the form of a diaphanie, which is a special form of armour which will cover any limb not already covered by armour, even non-contiguous limbs apply.


This is a shifting conglomeration of lines of glowing, polychromatic force, cohering more or less into a sheet.  You recognize it as a
xyrikallix, a coveted artifact of the Courts of Chaos.  The lines of force composing it are derived from the Logrus itself, the primal
embodiment of chaos, and for all practical purposes can be considered living and cognizant.  Xyrikallixai are worn in the fashion of a
cloak, and are known to be extremely sensitive to -- one might say judgmental of -- those they come into contact with, aiding those in
the favor of chaos and harming those aligned with order (apparently making this evaluation on the basis of a number of subtle criteria).
Their aid is no small matter; not only do they provide very effective basic protection, but they are known to intelligently adapt
themselves to absorb and dissipate the energies of whatever varieties of damage may be encountered, continually drawing on the wearer's
spiritual energy as adjustments are made.  Possession of a xyrikallix is a status symbol of considerable weight in the Courts of Chaos,
especially since, as far as is generally known, they are only produced by the apparent whim of the Logrus.  It appears to be composed
of a pulsing chaotic glow and a shimmering radiance.  You estimate that it is worth something upward of nine thousand gold.  
It is intermediate in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It looks about a tenth of a dimin long, ten dimins wide, and
fifteen dimins tall.  It weighs about one and eight hundred fifty-one thousandths dekans.
After a moment, the knowledge that the xyrikallix is composed of seventy-five percent logos and twenty-five percent xorakas drifts into
your mind like a long-forgotten memory.
  • Not technically a paraxos. This is a type of cloak.
  • Does not resize to fit the wearer, is sizeless and will fit any being.
  • Confers benefits similar to other forms of chaos armour.
  • Unlike the other armour listed, which require only a minimum of 1 CF. Xyrikallixi require that the wearer has at least twice as much Chaos Favour as you do Order Favour to wear safely.
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