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Trait Category: Esoteric
Trait Type: Flag
Overall Possible Natural Values: Yes or No
Incarnos-Only Trait
Cannot Be Modified
The soul of an incarnos ordinarily exists independently of it, at death becoming a ghost, wandering the world and holding out the
possibility of a return to life.  The state of perdition, on the other hand, is that of an incarnos soul which is utterly tied to
its mortal form, so completely woven into the flesh and psyche of its incarnation that it cannot survive that incarnation's demise.
Though this is, obviously, a far more precarious mode of existence than one in which resurrection is possible, the perditic incarnos
does benefit from the more complete investment of its soul in itself, often displaying prodigious capabilities of body and mind.
Development Information: The perdition trait was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Feb 26 00:14:35 2013.

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