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All Aligned are wanderers by nature, and your perfect exemplification of this nature has afforded you knowledge that allows you to slip through the shadows of reality.

The cosmos is held together by an amalgamation of elemental and energetic principles known as the Umbra. The Umbra is its own plane, but it permeates and connects its neighboring planes and binds them together according to skiaturgic principles.

This form creates a sluice around one's body that allows one to let the materials of the Umbra flow through one, and, conversely, lets one move through the materials of the Umbra. This effectively displaces a portion of one's body, allowing it to phase into and occupy any present skiaturgic tides or streams.

The effects of this sluice are numerous. By connecting one to the glue of the structure of space as such, it enhances all of one's locomotive capacities considerably. Perhaps most noticable, it will allow one to levitate through the air freely and effortlessly, and it will make one intangible, allowing one to step through most boundaries. The sluice protects one, to a considerable degree, from a variety of effects: from kinetic attacks by making one partially intangible, and from being harmed by the amalgam shadow and related elements and energies.

The sluice can be used to deadly effect in combat. Besides being able to take advantage of the extreme fluidity that the sluice provides, one will be able to phase one's melee attacks directly into the body of one's opponent, causing considerable damage as well as potentially disrupting the target and sending them, or anything attached to them, hurtling through some nearby skiaturgic current.

But the sluice also has a very serious side effect: having one's body partially in the Umbra will cause one to be spiritually disjoined. This makes it impossible to actualize additional forms while one is phased out, though one will be able to maintain most already-actualized forms -- at least until one runs out of reserves of spirit and order, which are extremely difficult to replenish while spiritually disjoined.

Though this form is normative in nature, it is actualized via certain Skill based off that one skill principles that are used to resonate with and draw out Umbral principles present. One can step out of the sluice via the same procedure that one steps into it.

Knowledge Requirement

Musical composition skill of 80 or higher and global exploration percentage of 96 or higher

Facility Formula

10% of ego plus 10% of intelligence plus 10% of perception plus 15% of enchantment skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 75% of skiaturgy skill plus 15% of musical composition skill plus 5% of Graecan skill

plus 30% of

stringed instruments skill, wind instruments skill, or singing skill, whichever is highest

Facility Range

272 to 550

Energy Costs

1000 spiritual

Process to Actualize

subvocalize a four-chord modal progression on the Mixolydian scale


Nyladon Notes: I got this at 95.6% - looks like it rounds up.

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