Phylactery of blinding speed

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 This is a phylactery, a sort of amulet, of a kind often bearing religious significance, mounted on a long strap, 
 half extending from either side of it, intended to be wrapped around the arm or the forehead, made of golden leather.
 The quality of its craftsmanship is fair.  You recognize this as a Phylactery of Blinding Speed, enchanted to tremendously 
 increase the wearer's rate of motion.  A Patryn corallyn rune is etched into its surface.  It is permeated by a golden light.
 It has a tracery of auroric radiance within and around it.  You estimate its value at about one thousand two hundred gold.  
   It is in perfect condition.  
   It is enormous in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It looks about seven tenths of a dimin across and a tenth 
 of a dimin long.  It weighs about three two-hundredths of a dekan.

It makes you not only blind but will kill your paravision trait if you have it.

Gives a flat boost to speed, doesn't actually affect your quickness skill.

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