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Command: Pick

General-Use Command
Usage: pick lock on <object|direction> with <tool>

Used for picking locks, most typically on doors and chests, though
sometimes locks are found on other items, such as books.  Doors and similar
portals can be targeted by the direction they lead.  You will need some sort
of tool to use, most preferably a proper lockpick or set of lockpicks.
Needles and pins can often serve in a pinch, however, and some particularly
crude locks can be picked with devices as large as daggers.

Your lockpicking skill and the agility it is based on are, of course,
the main factors determining your success, though those with training in
locksmithing have a definite added advantage.  Also having a significant
impact are the keenness of one's perception and the quality of the tools one

If you fail to pick a particular lock, you will need to either wait at
least thirty minutes or find some way of significantly improving your chances
before trying again.  On the other hand, if you are successful, you will have
a much easier time repeating the process with the same tools any time within
the next two hours.  The consequences of failure don't apply during the time
the consequences of success are in effect.

Practicing lockpicking will, of course, improve one's abilities at it,
though simply picking the same lock over and over is not going to be very
educational.  The aspiring cracksman would do best to practice on a variety of
locks using a variety of tools if he wants to improve his skills.

   Examples: pick lock on chest with lockpick
             pick lock on oak door with wire
             pick lock on north with lockpick set
             pick lock on n with knife
Development Information: The pick command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Wed Nov 28 17:22:11 2018.
See Also: lockpicking, locksmithing, open, close, lock, unlock
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