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Hero Advenus Knight, who has as many, if not more, followers than talents. He is always looking to expand his mind in a psychic sense. His most notable talent is Stormlord, and he also has Bladeturner, Dexter, Empath, Farstriker, Levitator, and Strongman. He is also noted for having a wide selection of goods that he is willing to trade, and more goods sent to him by his recently knighted squires. In his army of followers, he has a green drake, a brown drake, 4 yeomen (2advenus, 1 faerie, and 1 minotaur), a red dragon, and a squire. I am working on getting the yeomen into their own guilds.

If he can find a safe place to send his followers, he is a huge asset to any adventuring group. His ability to Lay on Hands can keep the party tank at the forefront for much longer, plus it is really good at removing diseases and poisons. His holy weaponry helps add more damage to combat, especially when boosted by Strongman, which gives him Sentinel level strength. If the party is in need of funds, his high knightly charisma, boosted by Empath,and coupled with his interpersonal skills means he can get quite a bit of coin for the items collected along the way. Finally, his Turn Undead power makes short work of a lot of undead opponents. By using Empath to boost charisma, all of his knightly abilities are greatly enhanced, and the raw damage of his psionic attacks is boosted.

Psistorm has all but made a career out of training squires. Most of the newer knights found in Camelot were under his tutelage at one time. It should also be noted that a number of them develop psychic talents during their training.

Knighted Squires

  • Dame Gemissa
  • Dame Crisse
  • Sir Efonus
  • Dame Tergarith
  • Dame Lilnatith
  • Sir Galatiral
  • Dame Marizel (talent)
  • Dame Thealecto
  • Sir Gudodan
  • Dame Drussi
  • Dame Riginhoth ond Gwor (dwarf) (lvl 16)
  • Sir Retturto
  • Sir Xenanion (Battledancer)
  • Dame Clavasta
  • Dame Merisesha
  • Sir Vosus
  • Sir Kubelunis
  • Dame Betmelissa (Mindspeaker)
  • Sir Chryctetus
  • Dame Gemin daughter of Frazara

Following the demise of his entire entourage, Psistorm has taken a leave of absence from the Knight. With a heavy heart and a mind full of despair, he has sought to retrace the steps of his early tutelage. He went back to the Aisenshi, switching from his previous sword mastery to unarmed mastery. After recovering some of his serenity, he dabbled into the pah of the Aligned, but the stress of being both a Knight and Aligned was far too much. Combined with the horrific effects of the Crucifix form, his quest for penance took a downward spiral. Having parted ways with both the Knights and the Church, he turned towards the sea, and the Undine Overlords of the water. Even the tranquility of the ocean was not enough to slow his decent into madness, and he soon found himself bound to a sunfish. The twisting passageways of the Exoma combined with the disjointed and fracturing nature of his maddening mind started the regenerative process of Sir Psistorms's mental stability. Through madness, he found his sanity.

In the end, Psistorm was deleted, the years of effort put into him transferred over to Maxintio (who also received the benefits of previous donations), in an effort to establish some manner of naming convention within the game. So far, results have been negligible.

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