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Xato started his existence deep in the Plane of the Exoma as a Slaan. His natural tendencies towards magicks lead him to adventure in search of more power, and he eventually found himself on what is known as the Prime Material plane. He tried his hand at a few different terrestrial guilds, but only really found hs calling when he happened across the Clerics of Devonshire. At first it was a struggle to learn to use just clerical magick, since the power of chaos flowed so strongly through him, but he eventually began to perservere in his holy studies.

The more he learned of his new powers, the tamer his personality became. His natural chaos favour and spiritual reserves served him well as a cleric, but something inside of him just did not feel comfortable...something that was not a peace with the rest of him. As he gained more and more power, he noticed more changes starting to take effect in him.

Eventually, his inner unrest manifested itself outwardly, and his body began to change. He no longer wore the flesh of a Slaan, but had transformed into a Advenus. He lost his night vision, he could no longer breathe water, and had completely lost his favour with the forces of chaos. He still maintained some of his Slaan colouration in the form of bright blue hair, but otherwise, he had completely adopted a new racial form, and it suited him well.

Despite being cut off from the power of Primal Chaos, this new form had a power all its own. The new body was far more capable of handling the holy energies he had come accustomed to using, and was much more versed in earthly incantation skills. The Advenus body also had the potential to develop more esoteric means of expressing itself, namely through psychic talents.

The first talent to make itself known was Mind Shielder, which matched well with his defensive spells. The second talent was that of the Healer, which broadened the venues of healing that are at his disposal.

In another step away from his origins, Xato became a member of the Attuned, and added the favour of Order to his arsenal of abilities. This brought a new level of peace to the inner conflict that had driven him for so long. Despite this new inner peace, there is still a small level of unease and conflict that requires his further attention.

He was among the most sought after non-Legends on the mud. Many noted the amazing boon of his Bless spells, and many battles went more easily due to his use of Protection magicks. Numerous denizens of Lost Souls also benefited from his ability to Cure Disease, Regenerate limbs, Cure Curses, Cure Critical Wounds, and Neutralize deadly Poisons.

Sadly, he has chosen to depart our world forever, joining the ranks of the vanished.

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