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There is currently a pretty heinous bug that LBs on login start with 0 ring charge. It slowly builds from there, but you have to immediately do the minigame to play within the first several minutes upon login.

Please consider refactoring lens ability costs or increasing passive lens power regeneration. Even with investing 3 into gold and 3 specs in order affinity, lens power regeneration is completely negated by having 2 active constructs with reinforcement.



  • Unclear if things are set and forget (i.e. permanent until reincarnate/quit), toggleable, timed, or continuous bleed of spirit/order
  • Good solution would be to emulate other guilds such as RW with toggleable for a lot (i.e. Breath, Elemental, Detachment, etc.)
    • This already exists for the Flight Invocation, just extend it to others
    • Should these drain spirit albeit minimally? Think most RW toggleable do not or if so highly minimal. As Justies aren't mages if spirit drain exists should be handleable by basic Channeling.
  • Determine how more powerful ones like Confidence should work, toggleable with spirit drain?
  • Avoid timers or if timer exists explain that the timer is fixed or variable based on skill




Shield of Axa

  • Why is this required? Should be optional should the player want to use it, they already have the amulet not sure why a shield is needed as well. This isn't RW. lol

Tsar Quen (Shield Maneuvers)

The guild is very willpower intensive, and then there's other pretty extreme specialty requirements on top of those demands. A couple of bonus shield specs would mitigate those extreme demands, and also slightly increase survivability, as well as ratings for mercurial impact and shield melee attacks.




  • Caucus and Surdi currently when cast can't be turned off so they bleed all void energy to 0, this is an old concept and given how painful void is to get/keep not a great one for this Assoc
    • Better option would be to be able to toggle them on and off by recast of the spell
  • Void energy bleeds off too fast and takes too long to replenish to make the Assoc useful beyond garbage disposal or a few castings now and then
  • Spells cost A LOT of Void given how stingy that energy is, see previous statement



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