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 Lost Souls currently has generally unrestricted playerkilling.  There are
no hard-and-fast rules for who may attack whom or for what reason, and it is
generally not appropriate to ask for developer action or intervention before,
during, or after the fact of a PK conflict.
 Developers do have an interest in the PK going on in the game.  We do not
want Lost Souls to become a PK-focused game where people feel in constant
danger; we are simply no longer willing to engage in constant babysitting in
order to achieve that, so it is primarily up to you to create the kind of
environment you want.  It is only fair to warn you, though, that if you
show signs that the environment you want is one of rampant PK, you may find
yourself abruptly disempowered in terms of your ability to create that kind
of environment for others, such as by zapping or atman deletion.  This will
be done in an extremely arbitrary, unfair fashion which we will not bother
eeling bad about.
 One principle that we require to be observed is this: there needs to be a
point where a given PK conflict is over.  Vendettas along the lines of "you
killed me, so now I'm going to kill you every time I can find you forever"
are not appreciated, shading as they do into the area of harassment.
 If you're really interested in having PK be a core element of your gaming
experience, and don't want to risk your behavior being interpreted as promoting
rampant PK, you have the same option open to you as you always have: joining
the Soulburner Society and killing other Soulburners.  No developer will decide
you need to be reined in for that.  See 'help associations' for more on the
Soulburner Society.
 Please note that any time you kill another player, you will be unable to quit
for 15 minutes following that point, and if you go link-dead, that fact will be
ignored until the 15 minutes are up.
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