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   The Pnuta Race
   Rarity: Very Unusual
   Plural: Pnutas
   Collective Term: a clan of pnutas
   Anatomy: Clawed Hoofed Anthropoid
       Male: Common
       Female: Very Common
   Harm Skills:
       Elder Lore  80%
       Anatomy     20%

If ever a sapient race deserved naught but pity and disgust from the civilized folk of Aedaris, it is the Pnuta. These malformed beasts roam subterranean environs far from the light of the surface, for even moderate doses of the sun's rays will induce horrific illness in their degenerate forms.

The average Pnuta is roughly the size of a small horse, bearing a lumpy and misshapen head missing many of the features generally attributed to other anthropic beings, most notably a prominant nose or forehead. Their short, stubby arms end in digits forming manipulators somewhat analogous to claws, tipped with dangerously sharp talons, though these are normally used to grasp the remains of meals and carry no great intrinsic strength. The Pnuta's lower body consists of two powerful legs ending in cloven hooves well suited for navigating rocky tunnels and caverns.

While many of these creatures seem feral in nature, it is generally accepted that they are capable of abstraction, retarded as their capacity may be, and have often been observed utilizing primitive language as well as advanced tactics when hunting in packs.

Development Information: The pnuta race was created by Benerius, who wishes to credit H.P. Lovecraft as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Mon Jun 25 16:38:11 2018.

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