Porphyria vs. Vetallas

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   You already do not specifically trust a dark reaper (though a dark reaper is trusted for other reasons).
   You echo, |- chaooos lightning reaper -| in lugubriously-accented Enochian.
   Iridescent midnight blue balls of astral light dance from the air into and around you, and you let the currents of magick flow through you.
   You have begun to cast chaos lightning.
   You make several arcane gestures with your hands.
   The air hums and the smell of ozone becomes overpowering.
   Multicolored motes of energy dance in the air.
   You point at the dark reaper.
   You shimmer with strange astral energy.
   A bolt of polychromatic lightning leaps from your outstretched finger toward the dark reaper, connects with remarkable precision and boils its head, despite its attempt to dodge, and it is affected somewhat severely by the attack.
   You have completed your casting of chaos lightning.
   The dark reaper wavers dizzyingly for a moment and then stabilizes.
   The dark reaper dies.
   A sparkling mist rises from a dark reaper's corpse.
   The dark reaper disappears, evanescing into a scattering of sparkling multicolored lights.
   One of your butterflies of rainbow light flits quickly over a fresh drow corpse, sprinkling motes of orange light over it.
   A fresh drow corpse disintegrates into orange sparks that float up into your butterfly of rainbow light.
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