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(For AL Client: If you have stacking turned on in the client (and turned OFF in the MUD itself) then you can put a backslash '\' before your stacking character to tell the client to ignore it. Example: \;)

Basic Character Information Checks

set alias stats to show attributes;show attribute development;show specialty points
set alias cap to show keep capacity;show keeping;eq;i 

Basic Combat Checks

set alias swr to show attacks;show attack rating with sword;show damage rating with sword
set alias dr to show defenses;show dodge rating;show deflection rating with shield
set alias chw to show attack rating with $*;show damage rating with $*;show deflection rating with $*

Combat Modes

set alias pati to set combat mode to patient
set alias deff to set combat mode to defensive
set alias caut to set combat mode to cautious
set alias bala to set combat mode to balanced
set alias stud to set combat mode to studious
set alias aggr to set combat mode to aggressive
set alias reck to set combat mode to reckless
set alias sacr to set combat mode to sacrificial 
set alias cm to set combat mode to 

Strike Locations

set alias sh to strike head
set alias stw to strike right wing
set alias stt to strike torso
set alias stb to strike body
set alias stc to strike chest
set alias sce to strike central eye 
set alias sn to strike none
set alias stw to strike weakness

Hand to Hand

set alias stopatt to stop attacking with punch;stop attacking with kick;stop attacking with headbutt;stop attacking with elbow smash
set alias elb to perform elbow smash
set alias hb to perform headbutt

Scatter Setting

set alias wide to set attack scatter to 100
set alias tght to set attack scatter to none
set alias mid to set attack scatter to 15 


set alias y to get all gold;get all gold from all remains
set alias pill to get all from all remains 
set alias lk to drop hole;open hole;look in hole;close hole;take hole
set alias hol to take $*;drop hole;open hole;put &* in hole;close hole;take hole
set alias holl to take all except all remains;drop hole;open hole;put all except all remains in hole;close hole;take hole 

Character Development

set alias sad to show attribute development
set alias ssa to show specialty access 
set alias ssp to show specialty points
set alias ssl to show specialties
set alias spec to set specialty degree in $@ to $1 
set alias sk to show skill
set alias sks to show skills 

Memory Management

set alias mem to memorize all;forget unnecessary;forget familiar 
set alias lens to look at $* through lens


set alias wtrain to say What skills do you train?
set alias wteach to say What do you teach?
set alias wenhance to say What abilities can you enhance?
set alias train to say Train me in
set alias teach to say Teach me
set alias ptrain to say Please train me in
set alias enhance to say Enhance my 

Useful Hannibal Lecter Style Aliases

set alias chop to cut right arm from corpse;cut left arm from corpse;cut right leg from corpse;cut left leg from corpse;cut nose from corpse;cut left eye from corpse;cut right eye from corpse;cut left ear from corpse;cut right ear from corpse;cut scalp from corpse
set alias p1 to cut anus from corpse;cut rectum from corpse;cut colon from corpse;cut bladder from corpse
set alias p2 to cut left adrenal gland from corpse;cut right adrenal gland from corpse;cut left kidney from corpse;cut right kidney from corpse
set alias p3 to cut small intestine from corpse;cut appendix from corpse;cut large intestine from corpse;cut liver from corpse;cut gall bladder from corpse
set alias p4 to cut spleen from corpse;cut thymus gland from corpse;cut thyroid gland from corpse;cut stomach from corpse;cut esophagus from corpse
set alias p5 to cut trachea from corpse;cut left lung from corpse;cut right lung from corpse;cut spinal cord from corpse;cut heart from corpse
set alias p6 to cut pineal gland from corpse;cut pituitary gland from corpse;cut brainstem from corpse;cut brain from corpse;cut left tonsil from corpse
set alias p7 to cut right tonsil from corpse;cut tongue from corpse
set alias parts to p1;p2;p3;p4;p5;p6;p7 

Archer Techniques

set alias fb to fire bow
set alias ff to for arrows do shoot each at opponent
set alias fff to for arrows do shoot each $1 at $2 $3

Advanced Techniques

set alias masseris to get $*;for $* do offer each to eris
set alias o to offer $@ to $1
set alias keys to for keys do unlock door $* with each
set alias doors to for doors do unlock each with key $*


set alias sadd to sense the state of my addiction
set alias zzz to search here
set alias rb to report breath
set alias tm to treat myself
set alias tmall to for creatures do treat each

Developer Power Aliases

set alias imm to set immortality on;set invulnerability on;set omniloquence on;set omniscience on
set alias mort to set immortality off;set invulnerability off;set omniloquence off;set omniscience off
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