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The office of the Protector of the Three centers around those known as the Ring Bearers, those beings who wear the three Elven Rings. Great powers and abilities are granted the Protector in order to appear to defend any wearer of the Three no matter what the distance involved.

\|/ The Protector of the Three \|/

You have been chosen to defend Galadriel and stop the Rings of Power from falling into the hands of evil at all costs. This duty comes along with several abilities entrusted you, the Protector.

If Galadriel is attacked, the Protector will instantly teleport to her and aid her if possible. The Protector is given secret insight into the essence and flow of time, allowing you to shift key aspects of your person to different points in time. For example, you may concentrate on shifting your mind forward to accelerate your mental facilities dramatically. You may also concentrate on shifting your body backward to augment your physical capabilities. Due to the strenuous nature of these enchantments the Protector may only have one active at a time. The Protector may switch between either of them, or can concentrate on shifting yourself to the present, to end the effects the current augmentation.

Along with the ability to shift one's body through time, the Protector is also able to remove themselves from the bounds of time entirely. This feat is intensely draining on the Protectors spiritual reserves, and will allow them to perform several offensive manipulations of entities that are still affected by the bounds of time. To start this enchantment, simply concentrate on shifting yourself outside the bounds of time. To end it, concentrate on shifting yourself inside the bounds of time.

The Protector also has the ability to manifest Aiglos or Anduril, powerful weapons forged in secret, said to have the power of time itself embedded in them. Due to the powerful nature of these manifestations, it is impossible to have both in the realm at once. To summon a weapon, concentrate on summoning anduril or aiglos, to release them concentrate on releasing the weapons of the protector.

As well as having access to weaponry, Protectors may also summon an artifact of remnants past, a plate mail crafted from a mixture of Mithril and Erivelin. To do this, concentrate on summoning protection, to release the item, concentrate on releasing protection.

Lastly, the Protector has the ability to convert a portion of their spiritual energy into magickal energy. To do this, simply concentrate on reshaping a portion of your spiritual energy into magickal energy.

If at any point should a Ring of Power be destroyed, yourself or Galadriel die, your title as the Protector will be forfeit.

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