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Pulgitl-Ulwu Strunthlg

   Summary: counter-eskara gland
   Plural: Pulgitl-Luwud
   Vorgaal: five
   Typical Fungmrul: somewhat high
   Required to Know: have at least 40 points among biology skill and physics
   Required to Flgathl: have at least 80 points among biology skill and
       physics skill
   Maximum Flgathu Formula: 2% of metamorphosis skill plus 1% of biology
       skill plus 1% of physics skill
   Capabilities Affected: eskara resistance
   Efficacy Formula: 20% of metamorphosis skill plus biology skill plus
       physics skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of twenty
   Fl-n'gathl From: zath vorgaal

A pulgitl-ulwu is a gland designed to reduce the damaging impact of eskara on your carculgnath, doing so by stimulating said carculgnath to incorporate denser materials that more readily block or deflect eskara, as well as by providing specialized secretions that reduce eskaric damage and aid in repairing it. This can be highly desirable, as this variety of damage is perhaps the only weakness of shoggothim; exposure to eskara invariably causes many of the individual affected cells of one's carculgnath to go wild, attacking other cells or consuming resources purposelessly, requiring that they be destroyed. If you find yourself being exposed to eskara or anticipate the possibility, pulgitl-luwud are indispensable.

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