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Quifagh Strunthlg

   Summary: light-emitting organ
   Plural: G'quifagh
   Vorgaal: five
   Typical Fungmrul: somewhat low
   Required to Know: have at least 20 points among physics skill, alchemy skill and 20% of animal lore skill
   Required to Flgathl: have at least 65 points among physics skill and alchemy skill
   Requirement to Flgathl Met: No
   Maximum Flgathu Formula: one plus 0.5% of metamorphosis skill plus 0.5% of physics skill plus 0.5% of alchemy skill
   Capabilities Affected: luminescence
   Efficacy Formula: 1.5% of physics skill plus 1.5% of alchemy skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of one
   Fl-n'gathl From: hngaug
   Flgath Restrictions: only one quifagh can be ng'flgath from a given hngaug

A quifagh is a bulbous organ that uses an efficient alchemical process to emit light.

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