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Trait Category: Vocal
Trait Type: Definition
One's quote style is a cosmetic trait that determines the quote marks that appear around one's speech, including the colors of
those marks and of the speech itself.
Development Information: The quote style trait was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Tue Feb 26 00:27:16 2013.
See Also: speech pattern, mimicry, vocalization

Set Quote Style

General-Use Communication Setting
Usage: set quote style to <name>

Sets the style of quotes you will use in your speech.  This being justified as reflecting qualities of vocal tone, inflection,
cadence, and so on that cannot otherwise be conveniently represented in text, this is considered an in-character setting. You are
able to select from among the following quote styles:
  • (Note this is what particular one character can see...)
       Adeptus Umbrae             [= sample text =]
       Agnihotri                  <{ sample text }>
       Angbandnar                 [- sample text -]
       Apollonian Disciple        [+ sample text +]
       Archeop                    <sample text>
       Argnash                    'sample text'
       Attuned                    ->) sample text (<-
       Azure Mage                 ~* sample text *~
       Battlerager                /\sample text/\
       bezhuldaar                 -- sample text --
       Blue                       -+>- sample text -<+-
       Brisbari                   - sample text -
       Brute                      [sample text]
       Chosen of Vashanka         <| sample text |>
       Cleric                     [ sample text ]
       Crafty Linguist            {sample text}
       Cthulhu cultist            .: sample text :.
       Cultist of Decay           % sample text %
       Deep One                   ~ sample text ~
       Discordian                 \~ sample text ~\
       Elflord                    <= sample text =>
       Explorer                   -sample text-
       Ghaunadauru                [| sample text |]
       Kedeth'thog                 [ sample text ]
       Green Lantern              'sample text'
       Hanoman                    'sample text'
       Hawkman                    <- sample text ->
       Istaxith                   <[ sample text ]>
       Jinxian Plutocrat          $sample text$
       Justicar of Tyr            =sample text=
       Kazarak                    .sample text.
       Kazarzeth                  ...sample text...
       Aisenshi                     <> sample text <>
       Knight of the Round Table  'sample text'
       Ygellethite                   <| sample text |>
       Lupine                     'sample text'
       Maleficus                  ..sample text..
       Morian                     [: sample text :]
       Noldor                     [ sample text ]
       normal                     "sample text"
       nyloc                      'sample text'
       Ollin Tonatiuh             [| sample text |]
       Outsider                   - sample text -
       Questor of Tyr             -sample text-
       Ranger                     =sample text=
       Reaper                     -=sample text=-
       Red Mage                   =sample text=
       Ringwielder                [= sample text =]
       Seelie                     ~/ sample text \~
       Sentinel                   [sample text]
       Shadow Brother             <- sample text ->
       Shadow Knight              [| sample text |]
       Shapeshifter               - sample text -
       Sheng Long                 <- sample text ->
       Spearmaiden                ++[ sample text ]++
       Squire of the Round Table  'sample text'
       Sserakan                   |< sample text >|
       Stalker of the Gate        [- sample text -]
       Storm Walker               [>sample text<]
       Syllyaczl                  -{ sample text }-
       Talaxian                   % sample text %
       Teleri                     ~- sample text -~
       Tenochca                   < sample text >
       Traveler                   "sample text"
       Trueborn                   [- sample text -]
       Vanyar                     {sample text}
       Wandslinger                -+<< sample text >>+-
       Wayfarer                   @>>- sample text -<%%
       Weapon of Vengeance        -* sample text *-
       Xintatlaan                 =< sample text >=
       Yathrelar                  | sample text |
       Zokandur                   [- sample text -]

Show Quote Style

General-Use Communication Display
Usage: show quote style

Shows the quote style you are currently using, and also the one you have chosen, if these are not the same.

Report Quote Style

General-Use Communication Report
Usage: report quote style

Shows the quote style you are currently using, and also the one you have chosen, if these are not the same.
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