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Red Magi Guild Home is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.


Joining the Red Magi

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

On the main Almerian map, at coordinates 23, -23 there is an exit downward into the Red Magi guildhall. Presumably the Red Magi live underground as it is close to the primal fire of the world's core -- otherwise I have no clue why they live in a cave.

the Red Magi guildhall [n, u]
    You see a wooden-framed white wooden bulletin board (updated 2 weeks ago) and Askeen the
Master Pyromancer.

If you are not a member of a guild, you may receive information on the Red Magi by typing 'help
red magi'.  If you wish to join the Order of the Red Magi, say 'pledge me to the Red Magi'.  To
leave it, say 'I renounce the Order of the Red Magi'.  Red Magi may say the command 'advance'.
Askeen's limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left
leg, right foot and left foot.  Askeen was created by Fixy; the source code was last updated Wed
Apr 25 21:32:48 2007.  The elf race was created by Lost Souls, who wishes to credit J.R.R.
Tolkien as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Wed May 16 22:45:34 2007.

At the time of this page writing, 'help red magi' is broken and Askeen's info needs a bit of tweaking, but the important information is there. From testing Askeen speaks Sperethiel and Anglic for understanding joins/advances. I believe he would also understand Enochian and most likely Latin.

You say, "pledge me to the Red Magi" in lyrically-accented Anglic.
Askeen looks you over.

                    ,.   (   .      )        .      "
                   ("     )  )'     ,'        )  . (`     '`
                 .; )  ' (( (" )    ;(,     ((  (  ;)  "  )"
                 _"., ,._'_.,)_(..,( . )_  _' )_') (. _..( '..

                          Order of the Red Magi News

          The spells Summon Fire Spirit, Summon Fire Elemental, Sustain
          Fire Spirit, and Sustain Fire Elemental are now available.

                                              -- Chaos, February 1st 2007

          Changed Flezra's instructor patterns from "teach me" to "instruct me
          in".  Sorry if this screws up your aliases and what not, but got tired
          of spells vs. skills conflicts in her responses to 'Teach me x'.

                                               -- Xekrin, March 1st 2007

                              (  .      )
                          )           (              )
                                .  '   .   '  .  '  .
                       (    , )       (.   )  (   ',    )
                        .' ) ( . )    ,  ( ,     )   ( .
                     ). , ( .   (  ) ( , ')  .' (  ,    )
                    (_,) . ), ) _) _,')  (, ) '. )  ,. (' )
You wear your tiny red linen robe around your body.
You are now a first-degree specialist in arcane focus, arcane lore, Enochian, evocation,
introspection, Latin, legerdemain, memory, prestidigitation, pyromancy, scholarship and
telesmatic weapon.
You are now a second-degree specialist in literacy.
You are now a third-degree specialist in centering and channeling.
Askeen smiles at you warmly.
Askeen gives you the red robe which symbolizes his status as a Red Mage.
Type 'help red magi' to receive information on your new abilities.
End of spoiler information.

Guild Help Files

     You are a member of the Red Magi of Lost Souls, a guild of powerful
pyromancers dedicated to serving neutrality and all it stands for.  The
Red Magi use fire as a medium for their magickal art.
     Red Magi have very powerful spells, but they tend to take a bit
longer to cast than other guilds, due to the fact that it takes time for
that power to build up in the mage.
     Due to the delicate magical field needed for magi to weave their
spells, they may only wear non-encumbering armour and overarmour (rings,
amulets, robes, and so on).  Also, magi may only wield daggers and staves,
as it is unbecoming of a mage to wield any other type of weapon.
     Those of the Red Order also receive a red robe worn to indicate their
membership.  This robe is enchanted to offer greater protection against
mundane damage than an ordinary robe, and has some minor wards against fire.
     A mage may know up to eight spells at any given time.  These spells can
be changed for other spells at the Red Magi Guildhall, for a price.
There are many spells to choose from, for a list of spells type 'help spells'.
     Being a Red Mage, you now have several new skills that affect how well
your spells will function.  Type 'help red magi skills' for more information.
     For detailed information on casting spells, type 'help casting'.
     The Red Magi also have their own channel for communicating with one another.
This channel is accessed via the commands 'redmage' or 'guild'.

Skill List

     As a Red Magi you have been imbued with several new skills.  Each of
  which affects how well you can cast certain spells.  The skills are as

     Pyromancy affects how the mage can affect and manipulate flames of any

     The Conjuring skill affects how well the mage can bring forth the power
          to drive hir spells.

     The skill of Enchanting affects how well the mage can imbue non-magical
          items, such as an ordinary flame, with magical properties.

     The Symbology skill deals with how well the mage understands symbols and
          the thought patterns accompanying them.

     Evocation affects how the mage can bring forth material objects
          where there once were none.

     The importance of each skill varies from spell to spell, while one spell
  may rely heavily on Pyromancy, another may rely mostly on Symbology.  The
  more spells are cast by the mage, the faster the respective skills will


Flezra the Learned

  • Location: Red Magi Guild Hall

Commands to say:

   Teach me <spell>
   Rescind <spell>
   Desuspend me

Flezra's limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot and left foot. Flezra is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:

   Availability inquiry: Flezra, what skills can you instruct me in?
   Cost inquiry:         Flezra, what would it cost to instruct me in <subject>?
   Instruction request:  Flezra, instruct me in <subject(s)>.

Flezra was created by Fixy; the source code was last updated Fri Mar 02 00:19:22 2007. The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sat Mar 17 12:13:22 2007.

Flezra intones, =I can instruct you in the Anglic language, the ability to focus one's will in
arcane combat, arcane lore, centering, channeling, conjuring, enchanting, the Enochian language,
evocation, legend lore, legerdemain, linguistics, literacy, meditation, memory, metaphysics,
prestidigitation, pyromancy, rune lore, scholarship, symbology and the use of telesmatic
weapons.= to you.


   Casting a spell is fairly simple.  You must have the required
spiritual points, endurance and of course the components.  To find out
how much of these things you need, read the help file on the spell.  For
example, to find out what requirements there are for the spell
"Detect Magic", type 'help detect magic'.
   To cast the spell "Detect Magic", the command would be:
'say detect magic in enochian', as detailed in the help file.  Note that
spells are cast by 'say'ing them; but not only that, saying them in the
Enochian language.
   Enochian is taught by both Raistlin and Flezra.
   To see a list of all the spells available to the Red Magi, type
'help spells'.  To see which spells you know, type 'spells'.  For a
documentation on which skills affect your casting, type
'help red magi skills'.  See also 'help containment fields'.

Containment Fields

   Red Magi have the ability to cast their spells into small spheres,
containment fields which can be released at any time.  To cast a spell
into a containment field, all you need do is cast the spell with no
arguments with the word "contain" in front of it.  For example, to cast
Fire Spikes into a containment field, one would use:
say contain fire spikes in enochian

   This will cast the Fire Spikes spell into a containment sphere which
will float around the mage until sie decides to release it.

   Containment spheres require four spell points per ten seconds each
to maintain.  A mage may have at most three containment spheres, however
most mages will not be able to manage more than one or two at first.

   To release a containment sphere, simply cast it as normal except
instead of 'say <spell> in enochian', use 'release <spell>'.  So release
the above contained Fire Spikes spell on a rat which is in the room, a
mage would type: 'release 1 rat'.  The '1' is for sphere number one,
since a mage may have up to three containment fields, 'rat' is the
target of the spell.

   Current containment fields, if one has any, are listed at the bottom
of the 'spells' listing.

   Due to the extreme power of certain spells, such as Fire of the
Gods, they may not be contained and must be cast normally.
   Red Magi should note that spiritual and endurance energy is used up
when creating the containment sphere, however components are only used
when the spell is released from the field.  Also, if a mage runs out of
spiritual energy while sie has containment fields, sie can no longer
maintain them and the spells inside may either die out or have other,
more serious effects.

   See 'help casting' for complete details on casting a spell normally,
not into a containment field.  For information on skills which affect
casting, see 'help red magi skills'.

Spell List

                               -Red Magi Spell Table-
    =          Spell          = Minimum Level Required =      Type     =
    =   Protection from Fire  =           1            =    Utility    =
    =       Detect Magic      =           1            =    Utility    =
    =        Fire Lamp        =           1            =    Utility    =
    =       Fire Sphere       =           1            =    Utility    =
    =          Pearl          =           1            =    Utility    =
    =       Fire Spikes       =           1            =   Offensive   =
    =    Flame Of Knowledge   =           3            =    Utility    =
    =         Tongues         =           3            =    Utility    =
    =   Symbol Of Vengeance   =           4            =    Utility    =
    =        Fire Blood       =           4            =    Utility    =
    =       Flame Shield      =           4            =   Defensive   =
    =      Light Of Flame     =           4            =    Utility    =
    =      Seeking Flame      =           5            =    Utility    =
    =      Ashes To Ashes     =           6            =    Utility    =
    =       Dispel Magic      =           6            =    Utility    =
    =      Fire Platform      =           6            =    Utility    =
    =        Fire Seed        =           7            =    Utility    =
    =        Fire Rain        =           8            =   Offensive   =
    =        Fire Charm       =           9            =    Utility    =
    =           Burn          =          10            =   Offensive   =
    =        Bloodfire        =          10            =    Utility    =
    =        Flame Shot       =          11            =   Offensive   =
    =       Resist Cold       =          12            =   Defensive   =
    =   Protection From Evil  =          13            =   Defensive   =
    =        Mute Area        =          14            =    Utility    =
    =          Smoke          =          14            =    Utility    =
    =      Piercing Flame     =          15            =    Utility    =
    =   Summon Fire Spirit    =          15            =    Utility    =
    =         Fire Web        =          16            =   Offensive   =
    =        Flame Push       =          16            =    Utility    =
    =       Melt Weapons      =          17            =    Utility    =
    =       Melt Armour       =          18            =    Utility    =
    =        Fire Wall        =          20            =    Utility    =
    =         Fireball        =          22            =   Offensive   =
    =      Torrid Tempest     =          24            =   Offensive   =
    =        Life Fire        =          25            =    Utility    =
    =   Sustain Fire Spirit   =          25            =    Utility    =
    =     Incinerate Magic    =          26            =    Utility    =
    =         Inferno         =          29            =   Offensive   =
    =  Summon Fire Elemental  =          30            =    Utility    =
    =     Blazing Twister     =          36            =   Offensive   =
    = Sustain Fire Elemental  =          40            =    Utility    =
    =     Fire of the Gods    =          60            =   Offensive   =

Individual help is available for each spell using the command 'help <spell>'.

You may also type 'spells' to see a list of your current spells. Incidentally, 'spells' command can take an argument of what type of spells you wish to list. For instance, 'spells utility' would list all utility spells which you currently have in use; whereas 'spells offensive' would list all offensive spells. Valid types are: offensive, defensive and utility. If you give no argument, or specify an unknown type, 'spells' will default to listing all spells.

Once a spell has been cast one thousand times, it is burned permanently into the mage's mind, and thus cannot be rescinded. However, the mage may learn a new spell, and may thus have more than the default eight spells.

Protection from Fire

    Usage: say protection from fire [target] in enochian
    Reversible: No
               The casting of Protection from Fire creates a protective
               enchantment upon the target which guards it against injury
               from fire and heat.  Any Red Mage can cast this elementary

Detect Magic

   Usage: say detect magic in enochian
   Reversible: No
               The most basic spell of all Magi is to be able to detect
               when there is magic present.  This spell will make all
               magical items in the caster's room and inventory
               momentarily glow.  Those of any level can cast Detect

Fire Lamp

   Usage: say fire lamp [target] [-] in enochian
   Reversible: Yes
               Those who have been struck blind will find use for the
               Fire Lamp.  By casting this spell, the caster shall put
               fire back into the eyes of the target, allowing the
               target to see once more.  If no target is provided, then
               the spell defaults to the caster as a target.  The reverse
               casting of this spell shall strike the target blind if the
               target is not already in that state.  The Fire Lamp can
               be cast by those of any level.
               An ice crystal.

Fire Sphere

    Usage: say fire sphere in enochian
    Reversible: No
                By casting Fire Sphere, the mage summons a sphere of fire,
                which any mage can enter.  The sphere will then travel to
                the Red Magi guildhall where its flame is extinguished.
                Any Red Mage can cast Fire Sphere.


   Usage: say pearl [type] [amount] in enochian
   Reversible: No
               The Pearl spell enables the caster to entrap some life
               force in a pearl.  Only real pearls will work properly
               with this spell.  The caster must specify what type of
               life force that the caster wishes to place into the
               pearl.  The valid types of life force that can be placed
               into a pearl are: Hit Points, Spritual Points, and
               Endurance Points.  The caster must also specify how much
               of that type of life force that the caster wishes to
               place into the pearl.  If no type or no amount are
               specified, then the spell will fail.  Some examples of a
               successful pearl castings would be:
               'say pearl spell points 50 in enochian',
               'say pearl sp 50 in enochian',
               'say pearl endurance points 75 in enochian',
               'say pearl end 75 in enochian',
               'say pearl hit points 25 in enochian', or lastly,
               'say pearl hp 25 in enochian'.
               When placing hit point life force into a pearl,
               the life force is taken from all limbs.  This spell
               is dangerous in that the caster may specify so much
               of hir life force so as to kill hirself.  This spell
               can be cast by those of any level.
               A pearl is required.  The amount of type of life force that is
               placed into the pearl will be drawn from the caster.

Fire Spikes

   Usage: say fire spikes [target] in enochian
   Reversible: No
               A basic offensive spell of the Red Magi, Fire Spikes can
               be cast by those of the first level.  Hundreds of
               inch long spikes made of pure fire are shot into the
               chest of the target, causing minor damage.  If a target
               is not provided the spell will use the caster's main
               attacker.  If the caster has no attackers, then the
               spell will fail.

Flame Of Knowledge

    Usage: say flame of knowledge [target] in enochian
    Reversible: No
                A very useful spell indeed, by casting Flame Of Knowledge
                the mage is granted insight into the target.  The knowledge
                gained includes level, hit points, spell points, alignment,
                and inventory.  Be warned the more experienced the target is
                the more spiritually and physically draining the casting can
                be.  Any magi, level three or higher can cast Flame of
    Note: This spell has been lost in the ages.


    Usage: say tongues [-] in enochian
    Reversible: Yes
                Upon the casting of Tongues, a diamond shape flame is
                conjured and any who stand amidst the flame will have full
                comprehension of anything said while the flame continues
                to burn.  The reverse of the spell will extinguish the flame
                thus removing its effects.  Any magi of level three or higher
                can cast Tongues.

Symbol Of Vengeance

    Usage: say symbol of vengeance [target] <+reason+> [-] in enochian
    Reversible: Yes
                This spell places the Symbol of Vengeance of the Red Magi
                upon the target.  To be used by the mage instead of player
                killing.  The symbol shows the target is not in the favour
                of the Red Magi.  The target will be burdened with the symbol
                for a number of levels letting everyone know that he or she
                is not well liked by the Magi.  The reverse of the spell will
                remove an already present symbol from the target.  Any mage
                of level three or higher can cast a Symbol of Vengeance.

Fire Blood

   Usage: say fire blood [target] [-] in enochian
   Reversible: Yes
               Fire Blood will change the blood of the target into pure
               fire, and thus clean away any impurities, such as
               poison, which may have been contaminating the target.
               If the reverse is cast, then the target will be
               poisoned.  If no target is specified, then the caster
               becomes the target.  Those of the fourth level and above
               can cast Fire Blood.

Flame Shield

   Usage: say flame shield <[target]> [armour] in enochian
   Reversible: No
               When cast, this spell creates a shield of flame about the
               target.  If no target is given, then the caster becomes the
               target.  The flame shield burns those who would attempt
               to hit its owner, as well as protects its owner from
               many different forms of attacks.  This spell is the most
               used and usable defensive spells of the Red Magi.  The
               duration of the flame shield is dependant upon the level
               of the caster, as well as the level of the target.  A
               modest estimate of its duration is approximately three
               or four minutes.  No one below the fourth level could
               possibly grasp the inflections and concentration needed
               to cast this spell.
                A piece of armour is required.  All you need do is
                substitute [armour] in the Usage with the name of the
                piece of armour that you wish to use in the casting of
                the Flame Shield.

Light Of Flame

   Usage: say light of flame [-] in enochian
   Reversible: Yes
               Bring forth a flame to manipulate light in your room.
               If the reverse is cast, a dark black flame shall appear,
               and suck up (reduce) light in the area.  If a normal
               casting is utilized, a bright red flame shall appear,
               and shed its (increase) light in the area.  If, however,
               a dark black flame is already present, and a normal
               casting is utilized, the black flame will be banished.
               The same shall happen if a bright red flame is present,
               and a reverse casting is utilized, the bright red flame
               shall flicker and die.  The caster may cast as many Light
               of Flames as the caster desires.  Those of the fourth
               level can easily grasp this spell.

Seeking Flame

   Usage: say seeking flame in enochian
   Reversible: No
               The Seeking Flame is a spell of great power indeed.
               Those of the fifth level and above have the power
               required for the casting of it.  When cast, a bright
               yellow flame is created by the caster.  This flame has
               the ability to observe things.  The caster sees through
               the eyes of the bright yellow flame.  The caster can
               also control the movements of the bright yellow flame,
               moving it from room to room.  There are a few commands
               which the seeking flame understands.  These are as
               extinguish   - extinguish the seeking flame and return
                              the caster's eyes to the caster's
               examine      - examine an object
               exa          - examine an object
               l at         - examine an object
               l            - observe current surroundings
               <direction>  - move in that direction
                A purple orchid.  The spell requires a continuing flow of
                energy to sustain it.

Ashes To Ashes

   Usage: say ashes to ashes in enochian
   Reversible: No
               Incinerate the remains of one who has been slain, giving
               the caster some of its remaining health.  Those of the
               sixth level and above can successfully cast Ashes to
                There must be remains either in the caster's
                inventory or in the room the caster is in.

Dispel Magic

    Usage: say dispel magic in enochian
    Reversible: No
                A relatively simple spell, that when cast will dispel any
                spells currently in use by the caster.  Mages of level six
                or higher can cast dispel magic.
    Note: This spell has been lost in the ages.

Fire Platform

    Usage: say fire platform [-] in enochian
    Reversible: Yes
                The Fire Platform spell creates a platform of pure fire which
                can be utilized in many ways.  Obviously one can use it to
                carry items, and more interestingly, if the mage were to
                stand on the platform he or she would be able to fly.
                Any magi level six or higher can cast Fire Platform.
                A floating disc.
   Note: This spell has been lost in the ages.

Fire Seed

    Usage: say fire seed in enochian
    Reversible: No
                When the Fire Seed spell is cast, the mage plants an
                enchanted seed in the ground.  When someone walks onto the
                seed, it will grow into a huge tower of flame, doing large
                amounts of damage.  Those mages of level seven or higer
                can cast Fire Seed.
                An organic item.
    Note: This spell has been lost in the ages.

Fire Rain

   Usage: say fire rain in enochian
   Reversible: No
               When cast, a rain of vicious fire drops from the sky in
               the room of the caster.  This Fire Rain cause damage to
               all in the room, including the caster.  This spell can
               cause anywhere from medium to severe damage.  Only those
               above the eighth level can grasp this spell for a
               successful cast to occur.

Fire Charm

    Usage: say fire charm in enochian
    Reversible: No
                By casting the Fire Charm spell, the mage creates a
                magical flame, that when given to someone renders them
                passive, and at peace with themselves.  A magi of level
                nine or higher can cast Fire Charm.
                A crystal of any type.


    Usage: say burn <[opponent]> [limb] in enochian
    Reversible: No
                Through the Burn spell the mage can summon his or her
                powers to burn a specific limb on an opponent.  A simple
                spell at a minor cost.  The mage must be of the tenth level
                of experience to cast Burn.


   Usage: say bloodfire [target] [-] in enochian
   Reversible: Yes
               Bloodfire will put fire into the blood of the target,
               allowing them to move with great speed.  If no target is
               provided, then the caster becomes the target.  If the
               reverse is cast, then the target shall be slowed as the
               essential fire is drained from their system.  The duration
               of the Bloodfire is dependant upon the caster's proficiency
               in that spell, but an average is roughly forty seconds.
               Those of the tenth level and above can cast Bloodfire.
               A piece of moss is required.

Flame Shot

    Usage: say flame shot [target] in enochian
    Reversible: No
                By casting the spell, Flame Shot, the magi summons a huge
                towering flame to encompass his or her opponent, doing
                damage to all of their limbs.  If no target is specified
                the target defaults to the mage's current attacker.
                Those magi of level eleven or greater can grasp the
                complexities of casting the Flame Shot spell.

Resist Cold

    Usage: say resist cold in enochian
    Reversible: No
                When Resist Cold is cast, the mage summons a force of pure
                warm energy that penetrates through his or her body, bestowing
                a certain resistance to cold upon the mage.  The resistance
                will increase as the mage's level does.  Magi of level
                twelve or higher may cast Resist Cold.

Protection From Evil

    Usage: say protection from evil [target] [-] in enochian
    Reversible: Yes
                The casting of Protection from Evil summons a ring of flame
                to surround the target, making it more difficult for creatures
                of evil to harm him or her as long as the ring remains.
                The reverse, Protection From Good, guards the target against
                beings of good alignment.  The mage must be of at least the
                thirteenth level to cast Protection From Evil.
                Something flammable.

Mute Area

   Usage: say mute area in enochian
   Reversible: No
               The Mute Area spell is a moderately powerful spell.
               When this spell is cast, speech becomes impossible in the
               caster's area, for the caster as well as others.  The
               duration of this spell is usually from two to three minutes,
               although it has been known to last for lengthier periods
               of time for those of the higher levels.  The more complex
               parts of this spell cannot be grasped by anyone under the
               fourteenth level.


    Usage: say smoke [-] in enochian
    Reversible: Yes
                The casting of the Smoke spell summons a large cloud of smoke
                in the area of the caster, preventing anyone present in the
                room from seeing.  The smoke cloud is also of such a nature
                to induce a coughing fit on any present, causing them some
                degree of pain and inconvenience.  The reverse casting
                of the Smoke spell will disperse an already present smoke
                cloud.  Those magi of level fourteen or higher may cast
                Something made of wood.
    Note: This spell has been lost in the ages.

Piercing Flame

    Usage: say piercing flame <weapon> in enochian
    Reversible: No
                 Piercing Flame will surround a weapon of the mage's
                 choosing with a corona of flame, giving it the ability
                 to burn attackers.  Weapons imbued with the power of
                 Piercing Flame have been known to be very powerful.
                 The corona of flame surrounding a weapon will
                 eventually fizzle out.

Summon Fire Spirit

Fire Web

Flame Push

Melt Weapons

Melt Armour

Fire Wall


Torrid Tempest

Life Fire

Sustain Fire Spirit

Incinerate Magic


Summon Fire Elemental

Blazing Twister

Sustain Fire Elemental

Fire of the Gods

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