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  • Location: Narn
  • Occupation: Wise tree
  • Look
This slender dryad has the look of ancient wisdom, but time has withered
both her body and soul.  Regardless, she maintains an elderly beauty tempered
by the sadness she feels for her dying tree.  
    She looks about seventeen dimins tall, four and four fifths dimins wide, 
and one and a fifth dimins front to back.   
    She is in good shape.
Remedios says, "Perhaps I will find a new song to sing for my tree." in Aelvalie.
Remedios says, "Alas I fear the cold will mean the end of my lovely tree."
Remedios shivers.
Remedios sighs deeply.
Remedios weeps sadly.
Remedios coalesces into her tree.
  • Notes
    • Remedios is associated with a quest.
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