Rime (Empathic Bonds)

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The ability to surround yourself with an icy shroud. Your familiar must be present in your current environment to activate this charm.

This charm relies very heavily on the Ice Affinity skill, as well as Enchantment.


To activate the charm:

concentrate on surrounding myself with a shroud of ice

To end the effects of this charm:

concentrate on ceasing to surround myself with a shroud of ice


When activated, this charm provides a large bonus to Vitality, as well as bonuses to the skills Impact Absorption, Resilience, Steadiness, Pain Tolerance, Recuperation, Stamina, and Killer Instinct. It also grants a contact aura that inflicts ice damage to the limbs of attackers that hit, and discharges ice damage offensively as well. The offensive discharge will hit multiple oppoenents, as long as you are attacking them, even if you are not the defender.

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