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You don't have to roleplay. There aren't really any generalized rewards for doing so, and it's not encoded into our system.

In the world, your incarnos is an individual entity that responds to the directions of its atman -- your account, you the player. What differentiates an incarnos from its atman is up to the player. It may be very little; incarnoi might wander around as Mary-Sues, talking about IRL events and people. This is percieved as normal behavior for adventurers by inhabitants of the world; they are dimly aware that adventurers are dualistic entities, and nod and smile at their incomprehensible gibberish (which they view through their own cultural lenses.) What we would like from this sort of player is respect for the decision of others to roleplay, and the existence of rules (note that 'rule' in Lost Souls mean things we've coded into the game that may not seem subjectively realistic -- for instance, the waiting limits on sharing kept items and/or artifacts) that create limits on out-of-character actions.

Alternatively, you might decide that your incarnoi (or even just one incarnos) have or has a personality entirely seperate from your own; they may not even be fully aware that they are an incarnos. Such a character would probably know the basics of incarnos/atman interaction at least to the extent Non-Player Characters know of it, but might laugh off the idea that they themselves are the puppet of a controlling intelligence. Or it may manifest something of a split personality -- the specifics are up to you.

For both types, a reiteration and restatement: Respect the decisions of your fellow player characters in this regard. If you're a deep roleplayer and someone keeps bringing up OOC things, you can legitimately have your character view them as crazy, but you don't need to tell them to stop. If you're a persona player or less, then respect the decision of others to deep roleplay, and don't try to engage them in OOC communication they don't want to participate in (but do be sensible about emergencies and significant bugs. Hopefully no one needs that warning.)

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