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The image that serves as the basis of this form is a recurrent one in Hanoma sanguiga: a large tree at the base of a river at the base of a mountain. The relevant structure is that of a root or basic cause or core of power: of life, of motion, or of endurance. Once one holds the image in mind, the alignment occurs largely by a brute act of manifest will, where one reaches within oneself and half-creates, half-finds a wellspring of one's own.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 100 points among

25% of plant lore skill, 25% of mineral lore skill and painting skill

Facility Formula

25% of ego plus 5% of intelligence plus 50% of enchantment skill plus 25% of painting skill plus 10% of lexiturgy skill

Facility Rating

204 to 450

Energy Costs

30 order

Process to Actualize

visualize the source of a river near the roots of a mango tree at the foot of a mountain

Chakra Affected

Muladhara (strength)

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