Rune of the Keeper

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Perform the Inscription of the Rune of the Keeper

 Wandslingers Esoteric Maneuver
 Usage: perform the inscription of the rune of the keeper
 Typical Activity Cost: 50

A Wandslinger of who has taken five steps towards his ka and who is sufficiently skilled in enchantment and rune lore can use a wand to inscribe the rune of the keeper when his vigil is in danger. The rune lasts some time and serves as a portal of sorts to his vigil: touching it will transport him to the location that was most recently in danger. This will only work if that location *was* recently in danger -- if one waits longer than a minute or so after one's vigil is assaulted, the rune will not function. Note that this also creates a rune in one's vigil that one can touch to return to one's original location.

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